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Black & Gold Untarnished in Pro Bowl

Who Dats had one last chance to watch the Black n’ Gold this season on Sunday (1.25) night. Several Saints played in the Pro Bowl, and they made the most of the night. Four of the game’s touchdowns were the work of New Orleans’ players.


Jimmy Graham caught three passes for 30 yards. Two of those passes were for touchdowns. Oddly, one of the TD receptions was a ball thrown by the Dirty Birds’ Matt Ryan. 


Both of Graham’s scores were followed by his signature (and now banned) celebration: dunking the ball between the uprights. The Tight End announced his intent to strut his stuff days earlier. Given the friendly feel of the game, the NFL is not expected to impose any fines.


After the game, he told the media gaggle, "That was amazing. For me, it made the entire week. Hopefully, one day they'll look back and change this rule so I can do it in a real game. And hopefully one day in the Super Bowl.”


Graham reiterated that he warned the League. "I mean, I told them I'd be gentle. Hopefully they won't fine me.''


Running Back Mark Ingram continued his breakout year. He ran a game high 72 yards on 11 carries. The Heisman winner appeared to savor his time at the game, a joy unfamiliar to Who Dats accustomed to Ingram disgruntled by injuries.


Breesus also rose from the off-season. The Saints QB completed 13 of 21 passes for 163 yards with one interception. He also racked up two TD’s and a two point interception.

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