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Bel Lobs: Edwards Gets In Mud

David Vitter is almost synonymous with harsh, mud slinging attack ads. During this weekend’s LSU-Alabama fiasco, the senator got a taste of his own medicine. Democratic contender John Bel Edwards unleashed a vicious television spot attacking Vitter for his past problems with prostitution and a missed vote in Congress.


The 30 second spot is titled, “The Choice.” The spot slams Vitter for missing a vote to honor fallen American soldiers, but answering an escort’s phone call on the same day. There is no subtly. The female narrator even declares, “David Vitter chose prostitutes over patriots.”


Notably, the ad comes from the Edwards campaign, not a super PAC. Mud slinging is  a marked departure from Edwards previously (mostly) positive spots. Pundits cite the attack as evidence that despite recent gains at the polls, Edwards is far from a shoo-in.


Watch it below.


Completing the odd shift, the normally negative Vitter released his own tv piece which focuses on corruption as opposed to his opponent. “Zero Corruption” invokes a giant floating numeral zero to stress the candidate’s pledge to eliminate kickbacks in politics.

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