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A Bagel Goddess in the Bywater

by Arielle Schecter

Take heed, transplanted Northeasterners: NoDef is looking out for you! This week in "New York Treats, New Orleans Streets," we find the only (worthwhile) homemade bagels south of the Mason-Dixon line.


Behind her sweet smile and gentle demeanor, Laura Sugerman harbors a skilled craft largely unknown in these parts: bagel-making. The founder of the Bywater-based Sugerman's Bagels says she got her start during her college years in Northfield, Minnesota, where the bagels "were so bad," she was compelled to start making her own. "My friends said they were good, so I figured they were probably good enough to sell," Sugerman explained this morning, while racing to the Hollygrove Treme market from her home in the Holy Cross.


After graduating from Carleton College this past May, Sugerman moved to New Orleans and, fortunately for local residents, brought her baking skills and entrepreneurial spirit with her.


Operating out of a commercial kitchen time-share on North Rampart (also the domain of the geniuses behind Pizza Delicious), Sugerman bakes dozens of bagels on Wednesdays and Saturdays, her repertoire extending from the traditional sesame to the Cajun-fusion pumpkin whole wheat bagel.


In addition to being a presence at local farmers markets, Sugerman supplies her bagels to Rommel's Catering, which has cornered the bar mitzvah market in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes.


The bagels themselves are as authentic as we're going to get down here. The texture is on that fine line between moist and chewy, the flavor is spectacular, and the price is right.


Sugerman is inviting NoDef readers to join her customer base for individual orders, which can be placed by emailing her at Bagels are $2 each, or $15 for a dozen. Be sure to mention that you read about her business on the greatest news source in all the land,

what's her actual email

what's her actual email addres? I want to but her bagels but the email address is no longer current :(

is there an extra cost for

is there an extra cost for delivery?

I think this board is the

I think this board is the proper place to ask you about the activation proccess. My link is not working properly, do you know why it is happening?,




[...] city of New Orleans, but if these bagels are wrong, we don’t want to be right. Laura Sugerman of Sugerman’s Bagels takes orders for her tasty dough rings by email, then sets up a time (usually on Wednesdays or [...]


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Had a Sugerman bagel plain at

Had a Sugerman bagel plain at the Freret Fest/Coffee Fest last weekend, and became a huge convert. I buy my bagels from Stein's they have H & H from NYC.



laura makes the best

laura makes the best bagels!!!!

Go tits!

Go tits!

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