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Astro Forecast: New Moon in Cancer

Brave Enough to Do the Work of Getting Free

Friday’s New Moon occurs in Cancer at 9:32PM CDT. Cancer calls for compassionate interpersonal connections, room for drama, holding space for our feels, tenderness, honoring our ancestors, and connecting with our intuitions. Cancer is one of the major healers of the zodiac and is one of the major leaders of the zodiac. Things tend to pop off when it comes to Cancer, and this New Moon does not disappoint in that regard.


Friday’s New Moon is the first one we have had since Neptune stationed retrograde in Pisces last week.That means we can use this moon to set a Neptune retrograde intention charged with Cancer’s magic. The work of this retrograde, as I mentioned last week, is two-fold: one, to get deep with the work of unlearning our own oppressive habits and behaviors; and two, to make more room for the divine in our lives. I called for us to take one step toward our most divine selves whether that be experimenting with meditation, going on walks, being extra thoughtful with our words, or whatever makes sense for you and your context. Cancer, whose work is finding emotional equilibrium and whose magic is healing, is in support of the gifts Neptune in Pisces is offering us.


While Neptune is a rather process heavy planet, a beautifully harmonious grand fire trine between Uranus in Aries, retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, and the north node in Leo this New Moon is adding some major spark. This grand trine reminds us that sometimes we have to follow our hearts, get a little messy, and get to doing.


With Saturn retrograde involved, it seems the doing is internal. Saturn in Sagittarius is all truth, no bullshit, and about leaving the world less wounded than we found it. When Saturn goes retrograde, we are asked to sort through the truth and the bullshit within us and we are asked to work tirelessly to live out the values we wish to see in the world.


Saturn’s work often promises to be long and arduous, but Uranus, the antidote to Saturn’s slog, is involved in this trine and we are getting to the truth of ourselves far quicker than usual. Uranus is also conjoin asteroid Pallas. Pallas is named for Athena, the wise warrior revered for her intellect, unshakable sense of justice, and tactical genius. If ever there was a battle you intended to fight in the name of justice, you want Pallas at your side. If ever there was a huge internal shift you needed now, you want her conjoined Uranus, and that is exactly what is occurring this New Moon.


North node in Leo completes this trine and reminds us that when in doubt, we ought to follow our hearts and see where they take us. Leo reminds us that so often the path forward is more heart, more realness, and more bravery. Bravery to speak our truths, bravery to live the lives we truly wish to live, and perhaps above all else, bravery to do the work of getting free.


Set the intention to get brave y’all.



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Naimonu James is an astrologer based in New Orleans.  Consider donating or becoming a patron to support the healing, and be sure to subscribe to their inner circle here. Readings are pay-what-you can, learn more about chart readings here


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