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Ali-Spinks in da Dome (Video)

On Friday (6.03), America and the boxing community lost a great. Muhammad Ali died at the age of 74 years-old according to a family spokesperson. Ali was a man who suffered several setbacks, but always pulled himself off the canvas and rose to higher heights—like the City of New Orleans. On September 15, 1978, Ali traveled to NOLA to defeat Leon Spinks and win the WBA Heavyweight belt for the third time.


Contemporary reports explained that Ali spent most of his time prior to the fight at a rented house in Lakeview. Although, then Governor, Edwin Edwards rejected calls to call in the National Guard for added security, he still had lots of attention from law enforcement. “We’re getting police protection like I never seen,” Ali associate Gene Kilroy told reporters at the time. “About every five minutes a cop car drives down our street real slow. They want what everybody else wants . . . see if they can spot Ali, get an autograph.”


When the action went down in a sold-out Superdome, Ali ultimately won a unanimous decision after 15 rounds. The fight is a classic. Watch it for yourself below.


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