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TS Update: Pressure Sets In, Erin Not Depressed

'Tis the Season. It's August in New Orleans, and once again, residents of the regions are looking seaward. Storm spotting has yielded two threats this week, the slow moving Tropical Storm Erin and a low pressure area entering the Gulf. Neither threats are immediate, but both are moving towards the continental US and merit some exploration.


The Natrional Weather Service (NWS) has spotted "an area of low pressure located over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico about 150 miles west-northwest of Campeche." NWS meteorologists have also noted thunderheads in the formation, and described the system as "disorganized."


Folders and a P-Touch will not remedy the situation, but the warm waters of the Gulf might lend some order. The NWS has stated that the "area" has a 40 percent chance of evolving into a Tropical Cyclone in the next 48 hours. Don't start defrosting the food in the freezer yet, but keep an eye on the storm. Her rough trajectory points towards the Gulf Coast. At a minimum, NOLA should expect some heavy rain. 


Out in the Atlantic, it looks like TS Erin had a couple sessions on the couch and popped a few Lexapro. She is no longer depressed, and instead remains classified as a weak tropical storm. For the GPS geeks, she can be found at 19.8N 35.7W; for the rest of us, that's about 815 miles north northwest of the Cape Verde Islands. She's moving northwest at a leisurely rate of 12 mph, and clocking sustained winds of 40 mph. Minimum Central Pressure is logged at 29.71 inches.


Erin certainly should not be ignored, but she currently poses little threat to any coastline. However, her path does appear pointed towards the mid Atlantic coast. 


-B.E. Mintz

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