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Defender Picks


28 Days, 28 Exhibits at Magazine Street Gallery

by Brad Rhines

A series of one-night stands on Magazine Street this month gives Uptown residents something to talk about, as the new Salon Gallery brings a bohemian touch to the bars-and-boutiques corridor. The One Series, a contemporary art exhibition that showcases “one work from one artist for one day is the kind of innovative, intriguing premise that seems more at home on St. Claude than on Magazine, but curators Kathy Rodriguez, Emily Farranto, and Natalie Sciortino-Rinehart hope to move the contemporary art conversation Uptown, at least for a few weeks.


Starting on June 1, the gallery will host 28 exhibitions in 28 days and hold a nightly opening reception that’s not the usual wine-and-cheese affair. Artists participating in The One Series will be bringing or sending work from all over the world, including cities like New York, Toronto, and Berlin. Many of these artists have never shown their work in New Orleans, and those that have shown in the city haven’t done so in years.


Every evening from 6:00 to 8:00, the gallery will host a gathering intended to elicit critical conversation and meaningful dialogue about the work. The co-curators ask that gallery-goers stay for as much of the two hour reception as they can and share their thoughts with other participants. Guests are invited to bring drinks or other contributions to the evening receptions.


“We're trying to evolve multiple perspectives on this ‘new-to-NOLA’ work, and I certainly feel the more, the merrier,” Rodriguez told NoDef, “but with the focus on the discussion rather than the socializing—though socializing is indeed part of it too.”


Scroll down for the full schedule of artists, and check out the Salon Gallery - which is located at 4432 Magazine St. - on Facebook for more information.  



June 1: Constanze Flamme / photography  /
June 2: Zane Stucker  / painting
June 3: Allyn Stewart / small books
June 4: Jess Pinkham / photography /
June 5: Brad Allen / sculpture and installation /
June 6: Lara Schaberg / scroll painting /
June 7: James Bailey  / print /
June 8: Kensuke Yamada  / ceramic figurative sculpture /
June 9: Yasser Aggour / photography /
June 10: Z Behl / drawing /


June 11:
Daniel Atyim  / painting /
June 12: Bobby Tilton / sculpture /
June 13: Sarah McCoubrey  / painting and installation
June 14: Joe Andoe  / painting /
June 15: Edgar Smith  / painting and installation /
June 16: Nicole Zehr  / painting /
June 17: Claudia Cannizzaro / fibers and installation /
June 18: Katie McMullin
June 19: Jill Olm  / painting and drawing /


June 20
: Andrew Hotis  / painting and drawing /
June 21: David Politzer  / video /
June 22: Sarah Marshall  / print /
June 23: Patty Zuver  / painting and print /
June 24: Eva Champagne / ceramic sculpture /
June 25: Lara Bullock  / curator and artist /
June 26: Nathalie Shepherd  / design /
June 27: Kendall Mingey  / mixed media sculpture /
June 28: Kim Waale / sculpture and installation /

June 30: Closing reception with curators

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