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Defender Picks


Davis, Evans Help Pelicans Hold Off Grizzlies, 95-92

by Norris Ortolano

When they're playing Memphis, it doesn’t seem to matter who the New Orleans Pelicans put on the court. The Grizzlies have yet to find the answer. Monday was the teams’ third meeting of the season, and all three have ended with a New Orleans victory. The Pels' 95-92 triumph at FedEx Forum was especially needed, snapping an eight-game losing streak.

Rumors: Grizzlies eyeing Ryno-for-Z-Bo swap

NBA rumors are a dime a dozen this time of year, so take this for what you will: The Pelicans and Grizzlies are rumored to be discussing a deal swapping Zach Randolph for Ryan Anderson, according to Bleacher Report. The Pelicans would have to throw in some filler for the deal to work, with Al-Farouq Aminu and Austin Rivers being obvious candidates.

Pelicans Beat Grizzlies Convincingly, 99-84

A thorough team effort allowed the Pelicans to escape Memphis with a dominant 99-84 win on Wednesday night. Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon propelled the team to an early 1st quarter lead (33-15) that was never relinquished. New Orleans led by as many as 29-points with under ten minutes to go, but a furious run allowed Memphis to come within nine points. The Grizzlies ultimately seemed to lack the firepower on offense for the final stretch. The Pelicans improved to 2-3 with the victory.

Hornets Hold off Grizzlies in 4th, 90-83

by Norris Ortolano

In what will hopefully be a sign of things to come, the New Orleans Hornets frontcourt took over Friday night, lifting the Bees to their second consecutive victory over a playoff-likely team in the Memphis Grizzlies. While not as dramatic as the last second tip-in versus the Boston Celtics earlier in the week, the 90-83 final spotlighted serious strengths of the future Pelican players. The win gives them a record of 24-46, good for sixth-worst in the NBA.

Grizzlies Latest to Feel Hornets' Sting

The Hornet-icans returned to their winning ways Sunday, nabbing a 91-83 road victory from a very good Grizzlies team. A brilliant fourth quarter sealed the deal, as Memphis was rattled by New Orleans’ energy and composure. Helping matters for the Bees was the absence of the Grizzlies' still-underrated Mike Conley, who sprained an ankle four minutes into the game. The Hornets stand at 15-29 after winning eight of the last 12 games. 

Hornets Lose Respectably to League-Best Grizzlies

by Kerem Ozkan

The Hornets hung tight against the league-leading Memphis Grizzlies, yet ultimately fell short, 96-89. Having faced the second-most difficult schedule in the league through 18 games without star players Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis, New Orleans is now 5-13 for the season.

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