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NOPD Announces 4/20 Sobriety Checkpoints

Attention all 4/20 revelers around town: the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) announced sobriety checkpoints to smoke out any offenders in Orleans Parish ahead of Thursday's notorious unofficial holiday.

Kinder Laws

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, but the City Council is seeing a different type of green. On Thursday (3.17), a unanimous 7-0 vote approved new, lessened penalties for marijuana possession in the Crescent City.

French Quarter Weed Bust

Is there a weed dealing ring in the Marigny and French Quarter? The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) believes so and after a pair of arrests downtown, they are reporting that the “mastermind” may be in custody.

Busted Down on Bourbon Street

Fourth of July weekend passed without any violent crime in the Quarter. Howeve, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) did arrest one 18-year-old on Bourbon for carrying a gun and some weed.

Bad Trip

NOPD Make Big Bust Blocks From Fest

The vending rules at Jazz Fest are pretty strict. Even if you live nearby, the Fest frowns down upon unlicensed sales. If those unlicensed sales are enough drugs to stock Hunter S. Thompson’s suitcase, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) does not appreciate it either. Today, detectives busted a Mid City man for allegedly planning to sell a potpourri of recreational narcotics.

Mail Nail: NOPD Smokes Out Dealer After 5.6lb of Weed Shipped to Neighbor

Many visitors to Colorado and California think that mailing weed home is just fine. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) disagrees. On Tuesday (12.23), police busted 20 year old Dominic Angelica with 10 pounds of marijuana 10,000 dollars in cash after a neighbor accidentally received one of his shipments.

Tip Leads NOPD to 7 Pound of Pot

In this day and age, someone is always watching. One alleged drug dealer has found out when he was arrested with pounds of pot after an anonymous tip to the police. According to the boys in blue, detectives received a tip that Henderson was up to no good several weeks ago, and have been casing his place ever since. 

Team Eggnog Takes Tales of the Toddy

Seasonal spirits were flowing this weekend at the 8th annual Tales of the Toddy. The offshoot of the famous summer cocktail convention brought in the city’s finest mixologists to create, and to judge the event. NoDef caught up with Rhiannon Enlil and Neal Bodenheimer to discuss the best team, and individual cocktails. 

Michoud Man Busted For Marijuana Growing Operation

by Shay Sokol

Narc agents busted a Michoud man yesterday for running a high-tech marijuana-growing business. 26-year-old Bill Vo was in possession of $175,000 worth of weed. His residence in the 1300 block of Dwyer Road in New Orleans East had been entirely converted for growing marijuana, an NOPD press release states. Agents seized more than 100 plants, 50 of which were full-grown and ready for a second harvest. 14 high-output lights kept the growing to 24 hours a day.

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