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NOLA Weekend Weather and Tropical Update: June 27-29

by Patrick J. Pearson

The Afternoon Summer Pattern remains active as the Rain totals have been nearly a inch each day in some areas of Southeast Louisiana. The weekend brings more scattered chance but keep a close eye on the weather conditions with outdoor activity. Lightning can strike far away from the rains below a thunderstorm. Here's the full forecast:

NOLA Weather and Tropical Outlook: June 23-27

by Patrick J. Pearson

Expect another good chance of showers and thunderstorms for Monday. Have kept  chance probability of precipitation in for Monday again the main threats will be heavy  rain...gusty winds and frequent lightning. 

NOLA Weekend Weather and Tropical Update: June 20-22

by Patrick J. Pearson

The weekend is looking humid, but relatively rain free, with precipitation chances topping out at 30 percent. Meanwhile, weather watchers have their eye on a low pressure formation over Florida that has a very low chance of tropical development. Full forecast:

NOLA Weather Outlook & Tropical Update: June 15-20

by Patrick J. Pearson

The week ahead is looking sunny with not too much rain. Likewise, storm conditions are mild. Patrick J. Pearson provides all the details on New Orleans weather over the next four days:

NOLA Weekend Weather: June 12-14

by Patrick J. Pearson

Thursday sunshine gives way to a partly cloudy weekend. Patrick J. Pearson provides all the details on New Orleans weather over the next four days:

Wet Weather Update: Flash Flood Watch Continues

The wet forecast came to bare, as thunderstorms rolled into New Orleans on Saturday morning. According to the National Weather Service, the flash flood watch that was set to end Friday night was continued through Saturday afternoon. 

Gulf Weather Watch: Waves & Troughs

As we enter the final week of August, New Orleanians are double checking their bottled water, battery, and booze stashes. Nervous eyes are turning towards the Gulf. The National Weather Service (NWS) is churning out maps with yellow circles, but the current threats are not very threatening.

TS Update: Pressure Sets In, Erin Not Depressed

'Tis the Season. It's August in New Orleans, and once again, residents of the regions are looking seaward. Storm spotting has yielded two threats this week, the slow moving Tropical Storm Erin and a low pressure area entering the Gulf. Neither threats are immediate, but both are moving towards the continental US and merit some exploration.

Up-to-Date JazzFest Weather

Rain won’t keep revelers from the Fairgrounds today, but pack a poncho if you're looking to stay dry. The chance of precipitation jumps to 70 percent by 4pm, and the forecast says the skies will stay open through Patti Smith. However, the temperature should hover around 74 degrees all day, so there’s no need for a jacket. Don’t wear fancy shoes, and white clothes are also not recommended. Click through for up-to-date weather. 

Up-to-Date JazzFest Weather

Sling your chair over your shoulder, and head out to the Fairgrounds poncho-free. You might want to pack one just in case, but it seems the weather is cooperating this first Friday of JazzFest. There's a small chance of rain, but skies are sunny, and the temperature is just right. Click through for an up-to-date weather forecast. 

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