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Defender Picks


Weather Alert

Storm’s a comin’! The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a slew of alerts and warning for South Louisiana for Tuesday (2.23) and Wednesday (2.24). The agency warns that severe storms, high winds, and even tornados could strike the region soon.

Mardi Gras Weather Outlook

There is only one reason to turn on a television during Lundi Gras: the weather report. However, there is no reason to mess with middling meteorologists. Straight form the National Weather Service (NWS), NODef brings you the outlook for the big day. (And, that outlook is looking good!)


Routes, Weather, Details

Today begins the final parade stretch. The day kicks off at 11a.m. with the Krewe of Okeanos, followed by Mid-City, and then Thoth rolls along their signature route at noon. After the break in the parades, John C. Reilly reigns over Bacchus at 5:15p.m. 

Parade Planner: Iris, Tucks, Endymion (Weather, Route, Details)

A pair of daytime parades Uptown give way to Mid-City's time to shine on Saturday night. Iris and Tucks preserve elegance and satire, respectively. Then, Endymion once again tests whether there's any limit to the size of a Carnival parade.

Parade Planner: D'etat, Hermes, Morpheus

Details, Routes, Weather

After a year of preparation, Carnival 2016 is nearing critical mass. Tonight, the big parades continue to roll as Mardi Gras grows closer. Hermes, D’Etat, and Morpheus are all set to march down the Avenue tonight. Click through for full details, weather, and routes.

Carnival Weather Outlook

Mardi Gras is now only a week away. That means it is time to start to looking at weather forecasts—a lot. Here at NoDef, we have been aggregating the predictions from, the National Weather Service (NWS), and The outlook is not perfect, but it looks like we may escape the rain. Check out the extended look after the jump.

Parade Planner

Details, Weather, Routes for Femme Fatale, Carrollton, King Arthur, Alla

Four parades are rolling uptown today and the weather looks like it is going to hold.  Femme Fatale, Carrollton, King Arthur, and Alla are all loading up with throws now. Details, route, and weather follow. So, get your ladders up and your flasks full.

Parade Planner: Pontchartrain, Choctaw, Freret, Sparta, Pygmalion

Temperatures are moderate and rain chances are nil for Saturday’s parades, with the forecast featuring a zero percent chance of precipitation, a high of 69 degrees with sunny skies, and a low tonight of 56 degrees. On St. Charles Ave., the Krewe of Pontchartrain kicks off the day parades at 1 p.m., followed by Choctaw, and the upstart Krewe of Freret. Krewe of Sparta begins the night parades at 6p.m., followed by Pygmalion.

Sky Bet

Weather for Weekend, Krewe du Vieux

Naming winter storms is all the rage these days! While New Orleanians would normally have lots to say about that, right now, most locals are focused on what “Jonas” means for us this weekend, specifically, what does it mean for Krewe du Vieux. The short answer is that the skies will be clear by the parade, but it won’t be warm.

Forecast Flirts with Freezing, City Opens Shelters

The National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting that overnight temperatures will drop down around the freezing point overnight on Sunday (1.10). The City of New Orleans is urging homeless people to seek safety indoors. To aid in that cause, NOLA is activating the Citywide Freeze Plan (CFP).

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