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Defender Picks


Freedia Pleads Guilty

Apparently, it is not all about dat azz. For Big Freedia it is also about assets. Freedia, legally Freddie Ross Jr., plead guilty to felony fraud charges connected to 35,000 dollars in illegal Section 8 vouchers on Wednesday (3.16).

Azzets A Liability?

Azz does not trump assets. Local bounce hero Big Freedia is in trouble with the Feds. On Tuesday, federal prosecutors formally accused of Freedia, legally Freddie Ross Jr., of committing fraud to continue receiving Section 8 vouchers.

Jindal Accuses Feds of Putting Race Before Education, Embarks on Asian Tour

Governor Bobby Jindal’s voucher system is no stranger to criticism, but it is the Gov. throwing punches in this week’s education debate. The Department of Justice has requested that all of the data from the Louisiana Scholarship Program be submitted to them, along with data about the racial composition of the state’s private schools. 

NoDef Nods: Politics

13 Stories from 2014, and 5 to Watch in the New Year

On the political scene, New Orleans saw some old names like Ray Nagin and Charles Foti return in 2013. Meanwhile, BP and Bobby kept the Bayou State in the national spotlight once again. Peruse all of 2013's top stories, and grab a handful for the new year on the way out:

Jindal & Jeb Vouch for Vouchers at Press Club Conf.

Recently, NoDef highlighted that Louisiana's own Gov. Bobby Jindal was taking the show on the road, along with former Governor Jeb Bush, to voice dissent over the DOJ’s recent education filings. The feds’ decision could halve part of the state’s education program—designed to move certain students of out failing schools.

Feds Come Down on Vouchers, Jindal Fires Back

Louisiana's education voucher program is under legal scrutiny once more, as United States Justice Department attorneys say the program violates federal desegregation orders. The Louisiana Scholarship Program is designed to get students out of failing schools, and instead moving them into state approved private schools, via vouchers. Governor Jindal is calling the Justice Department's latest decision a violation of school choice. 

Jindal Talks Vouchers, Creationism at NBC Education Nation (VIDEO)

With his tax axe plan parked, Bobby Jindal had a few minutes to get out of the car in New Orleans and chat with NBC's Hoda Kotb on Friday. The one-time WWL-TV anchor and current Today Show host was in town for NBC's Education Nation, a summit on school systems that's traveling around the country. After parrying questions about his future and the income tax proposal, Jindal weighed in on vouchers and creationism in Louisiana schools.

Jindal Education Reform Law Struck Down by Judge

A state judge struck down another portion of Bobby Jindal’s controversial education reform on Monday morning. State District Judge Michael Caldwell ruled that the Jindal and the legislature's rewrite of Act I of the statute - which deals with teacher tenure -  was in violation of a state constitution provision that states a bill must be confined to one object. This constitutional term assures that legislators have enough time to assess each aspect of a proposed bill.

9th Ward Christian School Under Fire, Brimstone

There's been lots of talk this week about pregnancy poliicies and revisionist history at private schools that get state voucher money across the state. But there's question about some of the educators getting the private school money here in New Orleans, as well. Leonard Lucas, a local political candidate who alternately refers to himself as an "apostle" and a "prophet" is getting $700,000 in state money to operate a Lower 9th Ward school as part of the newly-approved voucher program. CenLamar does the math behind the school's enrollment, and argues that Lucas shouldn't be righteous enough to receive money in the eyes of the state.

Don't Blink: Jindal's Voucher-Based Education Reform Charging Through Legislature

Not even three weeks into the legislative session, Gov. Bobby Jindal's massive overhaul of the state's education system seems poised to pass both houses of the legislature without much debate. Amid pleas that "it's for the children," two mammoth bills that activley encourage opening more charter schools, provide state money for students to leave struggling schools, consolidate school district power in the hands of superintendents and attach teacher tenure to performance ratings have already passed the House, and appear poised to cruise through the Senate.

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