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Details for Election Day

Saturday (3.05), all the hype of the presidential primaries finally yields to an opportunity for actual action. Whether you want to make America great again, think it's great now, wish to fight income inequality, or just feel that the Kasich Action Plan is underappreciated, your chance to hit the polls is today! All the details follow.

Geaux Vote: Pointers for the Polls

Today is October 24th, Louisiana Election Day. Whether you are pulling for Vitter or pulling for anyone-but-Vitter, you must still head to the polls to have your voice heard. Voting is simple and (lines willing) only takes a few minutes. NoDef has put together a few pointers on time, location, and technique. So, click through to answer any of your voting questions. 

Election Selection

Ballot for October 24th

Early voting has begun, but most Louisianans will visit the ballot box on Saturday (10.24). The gubernatorial race is snagging the headlines, but there are plenty of other choices to make. On a local front, there is a BESE seat up for grabs and residents will decide whether to create a special sales tax in the French Quarter. Know before you go! Cick on through for a look at the ballot.

No Battle Over Liberty Place Monument

On Wednesday (9.02), the Vieux Carré Commission voted 5-0 to recommend the removal of the Battle of Liberty Place or “White League” monument. The issue will next move to the City Council who holds ultimate authority.

Tearing Old Dixie Down

HDLC OK's Monument Move 11-1

On Thursday (8.13), the Historic District Landmarks Commission provided another green light to the removal of New Orleans monuments to Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, PGT. Beauregard, and the White League. The vote followed a lengthy and often animated public comment session.

Orleans Parish Election Selection

New Orleanians are once again headed to the polls today. The Boot’s unique system of rolling elections makes many Louisianans feel like we vote weekly. The frequent lugging to levers also results in some confusion about just what we are voting on. The essentials follow:

Today in NOLA: 5.02.15

There’s only two days of Jazz Fest remaining. Louisianans are heading back to the polls and the race is on in Kentucky. On this day in 1964, the Dixie Cups’ “Going to the Chapel” entered the Billboard R&B chart. Now, more ways to kick off your second Jazz Fest weekend. Check back for after dark events.

Kitchen Kudos: NOLA Chefs Vie For Food & Wine Award

It’s time to put your clicks where mouth is. While New Orleans fights for a piece of the 2015 James Beard Awards, a second front has opened in the quest for culinary commendations. Food & Wine opened voting in their The People’s Choice Best New Chef awards and NOLA is well represented.

Brow Now: Anthony Davis to the All-Star Game

The Pelicans may be struggling, but Anthony Davis has emerged as a star. And, as of Thursday (1.22), he has emerged as an All-Star. According to the League Davis been named a starter on the NBA Western Conference All-Star team after earning the most votes of all frontcourt players in the conference.

Mailbag: Seniority in the Senate

The Senate election is just days away. Readers, Warren and Mary Perrin write to NOLA Defender to weigh in on the race. In their opinion, the decision comes to down to empowering Louisiana in the chamber.

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