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Defender Picks


Town With OPP

The tents are closed at OPP, but the escape problem continues. On Tuesday (11.02) morning, the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO) announced the arrest of an inmate as well as an OPSO employee after news of unsanctioned prisoner field trips broke.


After Katrina hit New Orleans and the levees broke, the absence of then President George W. Bush provided a conspicuous exclamation point to the federal government’s lack of action. The current POTUS will not be making the same mistake during the ten year anniversary commemorations. Obama will be visiting NOLA on August 27th according to the White House.

Direct Flight to Havana Will Kick Off NOLA-Cuba Conference

New Orleans and Havana have a long history (interrupted by a long embargo.) Following the recent moves towards normalized relations, two NOLA-based groups are taking action to rebuild that relationship. The International Cuba Society and At the Threshold are partnering with the University of Havana to host a conciliatory conference in Cuba this March. As lagniappe, the trip to the event will be the first direct flight from the city known as the "Paris of the South" to the city known as the "Rome of the Caribbean" since 1958.

Drinking Culture

NoDef's Scribe of Spirits Treks to Bywater Classic BJ's

Gentle reader, BJ’s Lounge is a Jungian Archetype of a New Orleans dive bar, perfect in almost every way. White paint peels from the long, low building at the corner of Burgundy and Lesseps. The pavement is broken and the houses low so that only the power lines break the wide sky. A corrugated metal awning wraps around the corner below a squat, grey roof that lists slightly to one side. Green shutter doors with “BJ’s” marked in the negative of a white, friendly clouds are thrown open to the neighborhood.

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