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Defender Picks


Sinkhole de Mayo

The mix of an excuse for a party and public infrastructure failure is distinctly New Orleans. Likewise, the mix of a small joke and big, viral reaction is distinct to our modern web powered society. These world collided on Tuesday (5.03) when a Sinkhole de Mayo party became an instant rage. Then, organizers were faced with the dilemma of managing a joke that became a very real event for over 1000 people.

Dee-1 Cruises in "Mae Back"

NOLA hip-hop artist Dee-1 has been on the cusp of fame for several years. Now, the rapper is finally receiving some national attention for a viral video—about student loans. His one week old single “Sallie May Back” is drawing critical accolades not to mention lots of clicks.

"Don't Call Me Resilient"

For two weeks, New Orleans has been inundated with coverage of the Katrina/Federal Flood. And more than a few locals are sick of it. In particular, the City’s official slogan “resilient” is drawing fire. After a week of social media backlash, viral signs are now popping up to critique the catchphrase.

Huck Finn's Under Fire After Racist Receipt

The novel Huck Finn has long stood accused of racism. Now, one French Quarter restaurant bearing the same name is feeling the wrath of social media after a racist receipt went viral on Thursday (5.22). Musical scion Gaynielle Neville posted a photo of a receipt given to her daughter (with Cyril Neville), Lircya Neville Branch, at Huck Finn’s Cafe (135 Decatur Street) bearing the word n***er to Facebook and outraged locals quickly mobilized against the establishment.

Cops Driving Badly

When NOPD officers kill and cheat, it usually makes headlines. But we don't usually hear about the traffic violations. This week, however, two cases in which police were out-of-line with their cruisers have come to the fore. In the first, four-year-department veteran Justin Ferris was fired Wednesday for events surrounding an Uptown collision that killed a woman last year.

Individualism Lost, Drinking Found: Ian Hoch's Bar Chart Gets Legit

For the past several months, a new craze has been sweeping through the ranks of our city's watering hole aficionados (read: everyone). At first, the appearance of Ian Hoch's flow chart dictating where subgroups should find drinks set off an identity crisis. Many asked themselves, "Am I Drew Brees?" Or, worse, "How is my bar of choice The Bulldog?" Today, the viral upstart comes to the big leagues of Web world, with a site of its own - featuring comics and a sleek, VoodooFest-esque background - and (this one's for you Magazine St.), an opportunity to buy a print for the wall. Next time there's a vampire visiting town, there'll be no trouble figuring where to take them.

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