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Defender Picks


The Shooting of Steve Scalise: Gun Control, Partisanship, and the State of Affairs

Louisiana representative Steve Scalise, along with two other Republican Washington cohorts, was shot Wednesday morning near the nation’s capitol, in Alexandria, Virginia during practice for the annual Republican-Democrat baseball game. Although reported to be in stable condition and good spirits after the shooting, he is now in critical-but-improving condition, having undergone three surgeries in as many days. The shooting suspect is the only one involved in the shooting to have died from his injuries so far, although others are in critical condition.

Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise Shot in Virginia Shooting

Update 6.16, 2:30PM

Louisiana representative Steve Scalise, along with two other Republican Washington cohorts, was shot this morning near the nation’s capitol, in Alexandria, Virginia. Current reports state that Scalise is in critical condition. 


Promotin’ the General Welfare

Time to Handle This 'Crime Thing'

New Orleans has a crime problem. New Orleans has a problem dealing with crime. New Orleans is in denial about its crime problem. New Orleans has long been in denial about its crime problem. If New Orleans was serious about solving its crime problem, it would have addressed the systemic issues which contribute to the persistent crime problem long ago.

Picture With A Purpose

Documentary Raises Awareness of SilenceIsViolence

Following the murder of filmmaker Helen Hill in 2007, nonprofit campaign for piece, SilenceIsViolence was founded. Now, the organization is revisiting their cinematic roots through a documentary designed to raise awareness and funds for their vital cause.

Three Shootings Saturday Night

Violent crime showed no signs of a slowdown on Saturday (12.20) evening. Two homicides, one non-fatal shooting, and an unclassified death marred the holiday weekend according to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD).

Crime Bits

Backstabber, School Bus Robbery, Pizza Delivery Failure: Nov. 4-11

In this week's list of lawlessness, a teen was robbed of his cell phone while exiting the school bus, a Domino's delivery went wrong, and a 62-year-old was stabbed in the back. More crime bits below: 

Cannizzaro: 'Violent Offenders are Winning'

Crime is off the charts in our city not only because someone decides to pick up a gun, but because they decide to do it again, and they get out of jail and get a chance to do it yet again. Last night, Fox 8 detailed the path of repeat offender Deloyd Jones, who has been connected to a 9th Ward shooting spree and two murders, among other things, since he was 15 years old. Despite Jones' past, District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro doesn't only place the blame on the criminal. "The violent criminals are winning as long as the people of this community refuse to come forward," he said. Read the story here.

19 Charges, One Kid

With four murders recorded over the past week, there's been a crime spree going down in the St. Roch neighborhood. But, before the recent spate, one man alone is accused of being responsible for a torrent of violence. And he's not even old enough to vote. A grand jury indicted 16-year-old Cedrick Berryhill Thursday on a smorgasboard of 19 violent crime charges: four counts of second-degree murder, two counts of aggravated rape, five counts of aggravated burglary, two counts of kidnapping and five counts of attempted second-degree murder, attempted armed robbery and simple burglary. Most of the crimes occurred on December 23, the indictment said.

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