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Defender Picks


Jindal Vetoes Bill on Dogs in Pickup Trucks, Cites 'Nanny State'

Rep. Tom Willmott's proposal to secure dogs on the open road had the Louisiana House playing "Who Let the Dogs Out" earlier this session. But Bobby Jindal wasn't barking back. The governor vetoed HB 10901 over the weekend, citing concerns about animal cruelty.

Veto Session Killed, Jindal's Disabled Care Cuts Stand

There will be no Red Stick Stand by state legislators unhappy with Bobby Jindal this year. Some leges and a group trying to stop cuts to disabled care made a late charge to convene a new session that would have taken a second look at the bills vetoed by the governor. But too few legislators signed up to scoop the bills out of the scrap pile.

Jindal Vetoes Morial Convention Center Expansion Bill

Several weeks after the legislature finished up its regular session, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has released the all-important list of laws successfully passed by the legislature which he saw fit to undo with a veto, as is his right. One of the bills shot down of great local significance set up a way to fund expansion at the Ernest Morial Convention Center.

Stacy Head Issues Stripped-Down Food Truck Ordinance After Veto

City Councilwoman Stacy Head put down the ketchup and backed away from a potential food fight with Mayor Mitch today. On Wednesday, Landrieu vetoed the ordinance Head drafted to launch a program of changes to the laws governing food trucks, raising the spectre of a potential vote to override da Mayor by the City Council. But Head decided instead to put more food truck legislation forward. The latest draft contains only an increase in the number of permits available for mobile vendors, leaving aside other reforms.

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