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Defender Picks


Jason Segel Sees Honorary Yat Application Deferred

As Barack Obama's advance team can tell you, few things about a New Orleans story are more important than where you eat. Would we have cared a lick about one of Nicolas Cage's recent tirade if it wasn't at Stella!? Despite a fairly funny retelling of the low point of a recent weight loss ordeal during which he fell asleep blanketed in food wrappers, Jason Segel was making it pretty hard to sympathize with him on the Late Show with David Letterman last night. If the Knocked Up star fell asleep draped in the remains of an Ernie Powerhouse, maybe we could understand. But, Taco Bell? You're better than that, Jason. Video after the jump.

(Veni Vidi) Verti Reopening

The wait is (almost) over! Next Friday, January 28th, the ‘best kept secret in the quarter’ will rise again after the tragic May 29th blaze. Royal Street’s Verti Marte is coming back with brand new everything- kitchen, countertop, vending machines, and a brand new free-hand blackboard written by Shelba (the owner’s) daughter. ‘We’ve heard from people from all over the world, in Brazil, in Africa, all responding to the fire and encouraging a re-open’, says Shelba, in her upstairs office above the kitchen. ‘And the phones are ringing off the hook…the amount of support has been really amazing’.

NoDef Nods

Top 10 Places to Eat in 2010/Top 11 Places to Eat in 2011

2010 was a year when casual dining reasserted itself in NOLA- from street food, to Pho, to star chefs gone dress-down, we loved to eat without airs this year. 2011 will bring us a bit more of the same, conversely some bar food gone fancy, lots of ethnic cuisine, and a few other surprises. The (again, unordered) list y’all...

Verti Marte Benefit

Coco Robichaux knows a little something about fires; so, who better to headline an event to benefit the employees of the now incinerated Verti Marte. Anyone who has been hungry (and/or drunk in the Quarter) at any hour, but especially a late one knows the Verti Marte, and their tolerant staff. Now, out of a job, the community has banded together to throw a mega-concert and auction to benefit the now jobless staff and their family. It all goes down June 21 from 4 to 4 at the Dragon's Den. Info here!

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