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Defender Picks


Oranges't Ya Coming? Ingram Courts Auburn Allumn

Almost exactly a year ago, Mark Ingram learned that he would remain a Saint. In the time since, the visibly relaxed running back has whole-heartedly embraced New Orleans. Now, he is even helping the Saints out in their effort to recruit free agent defensive tackle Nick Fairley.

Brow Breaks Records & the Internet

On Sunday (2.21) night, Anthony Davis branded his name into the NBA record books. The Pelican posted and pulled down 20 rebounds. Ina addition to topping the franchise scoring list, he became only the third player in the last 50 years post 55 points and 20 rebounds in a single game. Such gaudy stats elicited analysis from media beyond the sporting world.

R.I.P. C.B. Forgotston

C.B. Forgotston served as the conscience of government in Louisiana for decades both within the system and then later as a pioneer of digital media in the state. On Sunday (1.03) evening, he died at the age of 70 years old according to “The Advocate.”

Noose News Proves False at LSU

Don’t believe everything you read in the Tweetosphere. On Thursday (11.12) morning, social media exploded with news of a noose hanging from a tree on LSU’s Baton Rouge campus. The only problem is that said symbol of hatred was actually just a fallen lightning protection cable.

Bama's Buffoons Answered With Tasteful Tweets (& Some Weezy)

With The Game, only minutes away, the LSU-Alabama rivalry is finding it’s way onto some high profile Twitter accounts today. The reaction to a tasteless affront to New Orleans has bene met with calls for Leonard Fournette to see red against the Crimson Tide. And, of course, Weezie felt the need to weigh in on some pregame predictions.

Study: NOLA Tweeters #Hate Tourists

The tweetosphere can be a harsh place. And, apparently, tourists rank high amongst the local targets. A new study of Twitter animosity towards tourists ranks NOLA in the five spot of “Top Tourist Hating Cities.”

#Shocker: Bobby Jindal Running For Prez

Coming as a surprise to absolutely no one, Bobby Jindal is throwing his cap into the crowded Republican presidential primary. Wednesday (6.24), da Gov’ looked past his one percent in the polls and took to Twitter and the web to announce the run.

Best of #LeeCircleReplacement Tweets

Compiled by Lucy Leonard

As talk about removing the Confederate flag escalates, New Orleanians are taking to Twitter to discuss making a few more changes. On the Tweetosphere, the now popular #LeeCircleReplacement hashtag is inspiring citizens to create new names for Lee Circle, a monument named for Confederate general Robert E. Lee. Though many of the suggestions are serious, including Louis Armstrong Circle and Allen Toussaint Circle, many Twitter users also used the opportunity for some comedic relief.  The Defender combed through the extensive list to bring you some highlights.

August Alsina Takes City to Task

R&B artist and New Orleans native August Alsina is furious with city government for throwing a wrench into his plan to host a community event. Alsina took to Twitter to post videos about how he feels wronged and discriminated against by local officials, whom Alsina said put the brakes on his event partially because he is a famous, but mostly because he is black. 

Harry Shearer Leaves the Simpsons

Ask a Simpsons fan how much more dark their Thursday (5.14) could be, and the answer would be “None.” Late last night, New Orleanian Harry Shearer took to Twitter to announce that his relations with the powers at Fox were not exxxxcelllent and consequently, he would be leaving the show that he has appeared on since its 1989 premier.

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