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Defender Picks


Turkey Talk

Thanksgiving turkey is a beloved American dish served only once a year. Unfortuantely, since it's only served once a year, lots of us don't have too much experience cooking these birds. So, we truened to Chef Jason Klutts of Cane & Table for some pointers on taming the beast.

Bird Words

Whole Foods Talks Turkey With NoDef

Thanksgiving isn’t affectionately called Turkey Day for no reason. The bird has been part of the holiday going all the way back to the first Thanksgiving in 1621. While it isn’t certain whether the Pilgrims and the Native Americans actually feasted on the fowl, it is certain that millions of Americans will be eating turkey this Thanksgiving. The stress of cooking it is enough to ruffle anyone’s feathers. Here are some tips and tricks to cook the tasty bird that will be enough to impress even the most difficult of mother-in-laws.

Listeria Hysteria at Manda Fine Meats

About 480,000 pounds of meat went uneaten over the weekend as it was wiped from the shelves. If that sounds like the worst news in a while, rest assured that this flesh could have been deadly. The U.S. Department of Agriculture called on Louisiana-based Manda Fine Meats was forced to recall a slew of packaged deli meats and other products after warning signs emerged that the meat was contaminated with the bacteria listeria.

Tigers, Jaguars, and Turkeys in Bayou Classic Thanksgiving Parade

We’re a few months shy of Mardi Gras, but floats are already lining up to ride down Canal for today’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Eat your turkey and oyster dressing early and bring the whole family downtown for the 2nd Annual Bayou Classic Parade, featuring 11 floats, 12 marching bands, and some prized throws from Southern and Grambling.

A Weezy Thanksgiving: Lil Wayne Hands Out Turkeys in New Orleans

Is Lil Wayne finally ready to talk turkey about his place in New Orleans? The Crescent City has a mostly off-again relationship with one of its most famous native sons. He was born here, but calls Miami his home. He handed New York City his juiciest headline, and, worst of all, rooted against the Saints in the most important football game of all time - up to that point. But, on Friday, he not only returned to N.O., but assumed the rare posture of a gangster who gives back. Mr. Carter returned to NOLA to hand out Thanksgiving birds in the hood.

Tri-Bird Teaser

Turducken Demystified

Turducken! The very name of the mystical bird(s) inspires fantastical tales as if it were a unicorn or a ten pound crawfish. Louisiana’s own specialty dish that combines turkey, duck and chicken, is no myth. Nevertheless, plenty of stories swirl about the famed protein powerhouse.

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