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C. Perkins Brings Voice Home to New Orleans (VIDEO)

C. Perkins was eliminated from this season's edition of The Voice, but the local R&B talent isn't letting a little knock from Adam Levine derail his career. Perkins dazzled on the NBC show with renditions of "Because of You" by Neyo. Now the 19-year-old New Orleans native is rolling out his own material. He's in the studio working on a new album, and a new track has already surfaced. Click through to view the locally-shot video for "Cakin'."

CBD Streets Shut Down for 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'

The eyesore on the corner of Common and N. Rampart is getting a makeover, but the facelift will only last as long as the street closures it causes. The crew of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is transforming the intersection into a massive movie set, and starting tomorrow, May 11, the 100 and 200 blocks of South Rampart Street, the 1000 block of Common Street, and the 1100 block of Tulane Avenue will be closed to all motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

Uptown Man Takes Bike Bait

Perhaps taking a tip from Tulane's campus , NOPD baited a bike and reeled in a suspect on more than just theft. Henry Eurings, a 43-year-old registered sex offender, was caught Tuesday with a stolen bike and a number of crack pipes. 

Loyola Student Among Trio Busted for Selling Drugs Uptown

New Orleans police busted a duo with drugs and guns at an Uptown house Friday, and issued an arrest warrant for a third man, who is a Loyola student. Acting on a Crimestoppers tip, police investigated a house at 7830 Hampson Street, and determined through an investigation that drugs were being sold from the house, according to a statement.

Today in New Orleans 4.20.13

The weekend is jam packed with crawfish, music, and beer, from Tulane to Mardi Gras World. Gear up for a Spring Brake Yrself race this evening, plus a free festival in Mid City’s beautiful Fortier Park. On this day in 1877, President Rutherford B. Hayes effectively ended Reconstruction in the state when he withdrew federal troops from Louisiana. Now, more to do this Saturday. 

Nice Tails: Tulane's Crawfest Comes to Quad

Bad weather doesn't stop NOLA folks from reveling, and unseasonable cold and lazy mudbugs are no obstacle for a good ol' fashioned berl. Piles of freshly boiled crawfish, snowballs, and stellar Louisiana lineups draw droves of Tulane students, neighborhood friends and even some maroonies to McCalister quad each year for Tulane’s annual Crawfest.  This Saturday is no different.  

Civil Rights Activist Diane Nash Speaks with Melissa Harris-Perry at Tulane Wednesday

Today is the semicentennial of Martin Luther King Jr.'s prophetic "Letter From Birmingham Jail," an elegant defense of nonviolent resistance which would prove to be a fundamental text in the struggle for civil rights. Diane Nash, an activist and organizer, played an instrumental part in the 1963 Birmingham campaign, which culminated in the city's desegregation.

Today in New Orleans 4.16.13

This morning, head to the Riverbend and make groceries at this week’s farmers market. Tonight, theater, live music, movie screenings, and more. New Orleans was officially founded on April 16, 1718. Now, more to do this Tuesday. 

Tulane Mummy Lecture Digs into Tomb Timeshare

by Derick Dupre

When the dust of the weekend clears and the brain begins its waltz back from liquefaction, you'll want to remember one thing: mummies. This Friday at Tulane, mummies will be the topic of discussion in a lecture presented by the British Egyptologist Dr. Nigel Strudwick. The focus will be on the tomb of Senneferi, a close confidant of pharaoh Thutmose III.

Bros Behaving Badly: Tulane's Kappa Sigma Frat Suspended After Drug Bust, Newspaper Theft

A pair of Tulane frat house antics were deemed unpledgeworthy by the frat's big brothers. First, a Feb. 21 federal drug bust at the Kappa Sigma house put $10,000 worth of drugs on ice. Then, two of the brotherhood's pledges confessed to stealing more than 2,000 copies of the university’s student newspaper splashed with the headline hours after its Thursday afternoon publication, according to the Tulane Hullabaloo. As a result of the incidents, the frat is under investigation, according to Kappa Sigma national overseers.

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