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Defender Picks


Mayoral Candidates to Take Part in Youth-Focused Town Hall Forum

New Orleans is just a few short months away from seeing its leadership change — as Mitch Landrieu’s tenure as mayor comes to a close, the race to see who will take his mantle has quickly intensified. On Saturday, several top contenders in the race will meet with the Youth Voices Council to share their vision for the future of New Orleans. 


Craw Poll: Who Should be the Next City Councillor?

Earlier this week, Arnie Fielkow threw a wrench in New Orleans politics when he left early for the NBA. The at-large Councilman's departure leaves the seat open for a successor, who will be appointed instead of elected. Yesterday, Councilwoman Stacy Head told "anyone interested in this public service to provide the Council with a letter of interest and a resume." But, like the Iowa Straw Poll before us, NoDef believes in asking the public what they think before we officially ask the public what they think.

Wendell Pierce to Help L9 Make Groceries

Wendell Pierce has played a trombonist and a detective, and, in real life, he's headed a neighborhood redevelopment effort. For his next role, the Treme and The Wire star is looking to cut into the scarcity of New Orleans groceries stores. The New Orleans native is partnering with former mayoral candidate and childhood friend, Troy Henry, and Chicago developer and former Lower 9 grocery store proposer, James Hatchett, to form Sterling Fresh Foods, the Washington Post reports.

The Park in PrimeTime

The title of CNN's latest Soledad O'Brien documentary "New Orleans Rising" sounded cliche at the best, and exploitive at the worst. however, the film focused on efforts to rebuild Ponchartrain park was surprsiingly touching. On the negative side, little mention was made of the simmring frustration and lack of national support. However, the successes were good to see, and Wendell Pierce is an amazing neighbor! Of note (and question) is the positive portrayal of Commandante Nagin, and BP Claims (and Propaganda Chief) Daryl Willis. Also making a cameo is former mayoral candidate, Troy Henry.

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