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Tropical Update: Hurricane Harvey Forms in Texas

The storms hovering over Texas for the last several days don't seem satisfied enough to stay in the Lone Star state. This week, city officials have been preparing New Orleans for impact from Hurricane Harvey, even though weather reports forecast that the Category 4 tropical storm will not hit New Orleans directly. Though evacuation is not advised, there is plenty that city dwellers can do to prepare for the heavy rains coming our way. 

Tropical Update: TS Cindy Expected to Cause Continued Flooding, Plus Tornado Watch

On Wednesday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu and city officials sounded off on Tropical Storm Cindy, advising residents how to prepare for the heavy rains expected to fall in the city through the end of the week. Read on for updates on flash flooding and tornado watch in Orleans Parish. 


Thanks Mother Nature: Tornado Watch During TS Cindy

As most of southeastern Louisiana is making preparations for Tropical Storm Cindy, Mother Nature upped the ante for New Orleanians. The National Weather Service's Tornado division called for a tornado warning in Orleans Parish through midday Wednesday. 

Tropical Update: TS Cindy Comes to Louisiana

Less than three weeks into hurricane season, and the first named storm of the year is on its way to Louisiana. Tropical Storm Cindy has been brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, and is scheduled to hit the southeastern U.S. and gulf coasts, as early as Tuesday evening. 


Tropical Update: TD2 Not Expected to Strengthen

Despite coaxing from ratings-hungry Weather Channel producers, a tropical disturbance making its way west across the Atlantic Ocean is expected to collapse into downward spiral of depression. As of Tuesday (7-22) morning, Tropical Depression 2 was not expected to reach Tropical Storm strength, according to National Hurricane Center forecaster Michael Brennan.

NOLA Weather Week: July 7-11

by Patrick J. Pearson

High pressure will begin to shift eastward on Monday, but not  before we get one more night of below normal temperatures. Expect overnight lows to range from upper 60s on the Northshore to middle 70s Southshore. As the high moves away from the area, onshore flow will become more dominant and moisture will begin a slow return to the area. Looks like one more convection-free day Tuesday as moisture should still be a bit to scarce for thunderstorms to develop.

Tropical Update: TS Arthur Forms in Atlantic

by Patrick J. Pearson

The storms hovering off the coast of Florida for the last several days weren't just going through a bad patch. Overnight, the system slid into depression. By Tuesday morning, the system was called Arthur. According to the National Hurricane Center, the formation of the first named storm of the season could lead to the Atlantic Ocean's first hurricane of 2014. But Arthur isn't cause for concern on the Gulf Coast at this time. Here's the full outlook, from NHC Forecaster Stacy Stewart:

Tropical Update: Karen a No Show

The indecisive Karen, who went from a tropical storm, to a hurricane, and back to a depression, has officially dissipated. The fickle system’s center is no longer easily discernable, according to National Hurricane Center forecaster Michael Brennan. 

Tropical Update: TS Jerry Forms in Atlantic

November 30 is in site, but Jerry's here to remind that hurricane season isn't over just yet. The National Hurricane Center declared the tenth named storm of the season Monday morning, as Tropical Storm Jerry began to get organized in the middle of the Atlantic. At this time, the system isn't expected to threaten the Louisiana, or the rest of the U.S. for that matter, according to NHC.

Tropical Update: New Low off Mexico

With Ingrid just having drifted off into the mountains, a new weather disturbance near the Mexican coast has weather watchers getting the Hurricane Hunter plane ready. The low pressure system, which is lurking just off the west coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, is headed toward the Gulf, according to the National Hurricane Center.

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