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Broadway Sinkhole Saga

Here, in the City of Dreams, we're used to potholes, and even the occassional neighborhood crater. But, sometimes a rut in the road, comes along so deep that it's given the illustrious title of, sinkhole. Uptown, at the corner of Broadway and Maple St., one such cavity (pictured) appeared over the weekend. The rift was a result of Tropical Storm Lee's rains, the mayor's office said over the weekend. Mayor Mitch reported that Broadway was closed near the crevice through the weekend, and NoDef's Brad Rhines found the road still closed in one direction today. 

Tropical Traffic Tickets

This just in: A handful of Lakeview drivers didn't heed NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas' warning to take it easy on the gas when driving down a flooded street. The NOPD handed out nine traffic tickets during Tropical Storm Lee, with five coming as a result of drivers going over 5 mph through standing water, according to an NOPD press release. Two of the drivers were given second tickets. Two more motorists were bagged for failing to realize that barricades weren't put on the road so you can move them aside.

Lee, Part Three

Mayor's Tropical Storm Presser LiveBloged

Sept. 4, 2011

CBD - Once again, we put the Labor Day BBQs on hold, and head over to City Hall for Mayor Mitch's Tropical Storm Lee update. In attendance will be the usual suspects, NOPD Chief Serpas, Fire Department Chief Parent, and reps from Entergy, SWB, et al.

Lee Spirit

Rain bands from Tropical Storm Lee continued to move through Southeastern Louisiana Sunday, with the heaviest rain falling to the east of New Orleans, according to the National Weather Service. But the center of the storm seemed to continue to be adrift with no particular direction in life, as the eye ambled from Morgan City to Lafayette overnight. Maybe it was just following the trail of roadside boudin.

Lee's Landfall

Tropical Storm Lee's rain tapered off for the afternoon after heavy rain this morning. Still, the National Weather Service has the city under Tropical Storm Warning, as the rain could return tonight. The storm is forecast to hook east once it makes landfall, and head northeast through Southeast Louisiana into Alabama by Monday. Click through to see flood and downed tree reports from around the city.

NOPD's Hydroplane Harangue

Before the tornado warnings and heavy rains started, NOPD had a message for all New Orleanians who were preparing to face Tropical Storm Lee: Don't go too fast through standing water, or you'll get a speeding ticket. NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas followed up his press conference declaration that anyone would get a ticket for going more than 5 mph through a flooded street with a press release, reminding everyone that more than $200 in fines could await them if they hit the hydroplane.

A Hard Rain: Mayor Mitch on Tropical Storm Lee, Liveblogged

Tropical Deppression 13 has outgrown its angst, and changed its name to Tropical Storm Lee. As a result, we get another press conference. Mayor Mitch has gathered the city's storm troopers at City Hall, and he's delivering updates on how we can seek shelter from the storm. NoDef is live-blogging updates as they happen. Click through to view.

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