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Defender Picks


7th Ward & Tremé Soirée

The historic neighborhoods of the Tremé and the 7th Ward are arguably the most culturally rich areas of New Orleans. This weekend, an inaugural festival will pay tribute to their traditions with food, music, art, and an epic bar crawl. 

Pierce Booked on Battery After BernieBro Brawl

BernieBros can be hard to reason with but actor Wendell Pierce may have taken politics too far early on Saturday (5.14) morning. Atlanta police confirmed that the celebrated actor was arrested after what TMZ reports was a political argument.

Second Line Alert: Treme Sidewalk Steppers

The Sidewalk Steppers are set to roll out of Treme today. The annual parade that traverses the 6th and 7th Ward will get underway at noon from the Treme Center (900 N. Villere St.). This is the club's 22th anniversary, and according to this year's theme, they will be honoring the romantic date with a "Treme Valentine's Day Massacre: Breaking Hearts & Blowing Minds."

Mardi Gras Fest Comes to Treme

In New Orleans, there are no dates as popular as a festival or Mardi Gras weekend. This year, Henry Turner will try to combine both events with the Treme based Ultimate Louisiana Party (ULP), a three day fest celebrating Carnival.

Tricked in Treme

Don’t give a ride to strangers. After two motorists decided to pick up a stranger in the Treme, they wound up driving longer than planned and handing over a bunch of money according to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD).

Second Line Alert: Dumaine St. Gang, West Bank Steppers

The Saints game has been moved to a 3:00p.m. start time. That means there is plenty of time to get out and do some buck-jumping before kickoff. In Treme, the Dumaine Street Gang traverses the avenues, from Claiborne to St. Bernard to St. Claude to A.P Tureaud. In Algiers, the Westbank Steppers are ready to host the rare parade across the river. Click through for more details and maps:

Second Line Alert: Sudan

The Saints might inspire some uncomfortanble moments this afternoon, but there will be plenty of celebrating in the streets during the day in Treme. The 32nd edition of the Sudan second line rolls through the 6th and 7th Wards. As the club says, come ready to "dance, dance, dance." Click on through for the route:

Cops Question Wife After Fatal Treme Stabbing

The Treme was the scene of another fatal incident this morning, but the circumstances appear a bit different than the recent homicides and assaults in the historic neighborhood. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) are investigating the deadly stabbing of a 63-year-old man in his own home.

Treachery in the Treme

Property values in the Treme are rising, but the crime has not abated. On Tuesday (10.06), a 66-year-old woman was robbed in broad daylight according to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD).

Treme Shooting Suspect ID'd

For the second time in September, the Treme was the scene of a shooting. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) are hunting for Ryan Hayes, a local man accused of a non-fatal shooting Dumaine and North Dorgenois Street on Saturday (9.19) night.

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