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Defender Picks


Space Disaster Film Drops Trailer

Today, the trailer for the Warner Bros. film “Geostorm” was released. The disaster flick, shot in New Orleans in late 2014 through early 2015, has long battled to get to the theaters. Plagued by years of reshoots and rescheduled release dates, the Dean Devlin directed film has been subject to rumors that the final product leaves a lot to be desired.  

Big Oozy Film Drops Trailer

Today, the first trailer for Lionsgate’s “Deepwater Horizon” movie was released. The film appears to be a classic 70’s style disaster flick focused on the actual blowout and the rig workers or “real heroes” involved—glossing over the months of uncontrolled oil pumping into the gulf, the economic devastation that followed, criminal negligence, or the subsequent years of environmental damage.

N-Omarta: Mafia III Releases Trailer of NOLA Set Video Game

The Mafia has been in decline in New Orleans for several decades. Fortunately, the folks at Hangar 13 decided to set their video game, Mafia III in late 1960’s New Orleans. This week, the gamemnaker revealed a trailer and key details of their Crescent City interactive.

Selma Trailer Released, Wendell Pierce Reminisces

The nation has spent the past year commemorating the 50th anniversary of several landmark moments in the Civil Rights movement. Being an American story, of course, a movie is also underway. Today, the trailer for Ava DuVernay’s much anticipated Selma was released. The film chronicles the bloody and pivotal voting rights marches of 1965.

Hollywood South-Shot 'Beautiful Creatures' Trailer Released (VIDEO)

In Hollywood South, all those discrete signs appeared to point to Beautiful Creatures lately, and a trailer released today is demonstrating why. The movie was filmed in New Orleans and on the Northshore, and is based on a supernatural story of love originally written as a novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Judging from the teaser, it appears to have all the visual ingredients of an epic. And for those looking for acting chops, there's even a little Emma Thompson for good measure.  Click through to view the trailer.

More Treme

"This here game is more than the rep you carry, the corner you hold. You gotta be fierce..."

Looks like Simon & Co. are prepared to deliver. The second trailer is out, and while less painful than the predecessor,  it is no less poignant! This one has dialogue... and it's pretty f'in good... whihc brings us to the only downside... perhaps fearing the wrath of Tulane's student council, HBO has censored the preview.

Treme Trailer

At NoDef, we love David Simon's work, and salivate at the mention of his magnum opus, The Wire, but to quote Cutty, "The game done change."

Up next for our favorite cathode ray auteur is "Treme." (We're guessing that you've seen them filming ALLLL over town... just a few times, eh?)

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