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Defender Picks


The Hangover: Tales Photo Wrap

Photos by Dr. Bill Copen

Tales of the Cocktail has ended for 2015 leaving libations-lovers with visions of sugar  plum sours swimming in their heads. NoDef’s Dr. Bill Copen was there to cover all the action. Linked below, readers can catch up with his daily updates to check out what they missed (or forgot). Likewise, on Saturday (7.18), the winners of the annual Spirited Awards were announced. Check out who won titles like “american Bartender of the Year.”

One For The Road (Tales Photos)

By Dr. Bill Copen

On Saturday (7.19), Tales of the Cocktail 2015 rallied for one more day of feting adult beverages. The end will be sad to some, but the apprentices were preparing to celebrate. Industry pros squeezed in a few more tastings and classes. Pernod through one more sendoff. NoDef's Dr. Bill Copen was there to record the last hours for y'all.


By Dr. Bill Copen

By the end of the week, some guests at Tales were slowing down, but the massive Fest was still picking up speed. Amaro was was explained in detail, some found refuge with the merch, and the cocktails kept flowing. Click on through to read about all the action and check out some photos.

Punch Line

Bon Vivants Bringing Pig & Punch Back to Frenchmen

This weekend is your chance to pig out for a good cause. The sixth annual Pig & Punch event will take place this Sunday (7.19) from noon until 5p.m. as a part of Tales of the Cocktail. There will be punch and pork galore— and all to support education in New Orleans. 

Tales of Tales (Photos)

By Dr. Bill Copen

By Thursday (7.16), the glasses at Tales of the Cocktail 2015 were most definitely half-full. Experts like Dave Wondrich and Charlotte Voisey taught and judged. Brand ambassadors squared off. And the setting being New Orleans, of course a brass band played. Click on through to read about all the action and check out some photos.

Today in NOLA: 7.17.15

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Lionel Ferbos. Ferbos passed away last year only a few days after his 103rd birthday. Elsewhere, libations continue to flow at Tales of the Cocktail, and PJ Morton brings his soulful sound to the Howlin’ Wolf. At the House of Blues, comedians tackle mental health and punk/metal music gets loud for Creepy Fest. Read on for more about today’s events.

Tales of the Camera

By Dr. Bill Copen

Tales of the Cocktail 2015 kicked off on Wednesday (7.15) aty the Hotel Monteleone. The day featured dancing, speakers, and lots of drinks. From the opening toast to Danny Meyers' keynote to the late night parties, NoDef was there to capture all of the fun. Click on through for photos.

Punch Drunk Love (Tales Planner)

On Tuesday, Tales of the Cocktail gets rolling. Over the next week, hundreds of events centered around adult beverages will be staged. Tastings, product roll-outs, seminars, and good ol’ fashioned parties will keep livers working overtime. To help y’all navigate through the crowded bar that the Quarter will become, NoDef has put together a list of highlights.

Spirited Away: TOTC's Awards Finalists Named

The mixed looks of joy and dread gracing the faces of NOLA’s bartenders mean that Tales of the Cocktail is right around the corner. In advance of the big week, TOTC announced the finalists in their spirited awards today.

Tales Regales (Photos)

Photos & Text by Dr. Bill Copen

On Saturday, Tales of the Cocktail 2014 made a final lunge at the livers of cocktial lovers. Plantation's Pineapple rum was once again front and center, bitters were bartered, blenders blended, and more. Once again, Dr. Bill Copen put down the glass and picked up the lens to capture the sights and highlights for NoDef's readers.

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