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Defender Picks


Review: True Detective, Season 1, Episode 7

by Tierney Monaghan

Having just finished the most recent episode of True Detective, I have to admit that I felt a bit let down. Episodes five and six were so incredibly packed with narrative twists and turns, I’d nearly forgotten that we’d need at least one episode that began tying the story together. “After You’ve Gone” is that episode, and I found it to be the slowest episode thus far.

Review: True Detective, Season 1, Episode 5

by Tierney Monaghan 

In retrospect, the end of last week’s episode should have been seen as a warning as to the pacing of the remaining episodes of True Detective. There were so many things packed into the last fifteen minutes of that episode, it seemed unlikely that the show could continue at such a pace. “The Secret Fate of All Life” disproved that theory from the opening scene.

Review: True Detective, Episode 4

by Tierney Monaghan

Without a doubt, last night was my favorite episode of True Detective thus far. The focus of “Who Goes There” turns firmly toward the Dora Lange case and the search for Reggie Ledoux. There is a forward momentum in this episode that has been absent in previous episodes. It seems that we have enough backstory on both Cohle and Hart at this point to move into the further depths of why they’re both being interviewed about the case 17 years later. In order to do that, it’s time to see how the case unfolded back then.

Review: HBO's 'True Detective' Episode 2

by Tierney Monaghan

Dora Lang’s still unidentified killer isn’t the only person on True Detective who has issues with women. This week’s episode opens with Rust Cohle admitting, “I lay awake, thinking about women.” Through the flashbacks, we get a clearer picture of Cohle. 

Cane and Table, Dis Taco Opening on Decatur for TOTC

In one short year, the bar formerly named Pravda has undergone Perestroika, gotten a full kitchen, and been renamed Cane and Table. The new rustic colonial restauarant is officially open on Tuesday, July 16, just in time for Tales of the Cocktail. Their neighbors at Molly’s are welcoming some new cuisine of their own, with Dis Taco slated to open on Friday, July 19. 


Views From the End of the Bar

Anyone who's pulled up a stool at Molly's at the Market has probably heard a few thoughts about New Orleans from Tierney Monaghan and Chris Christenberry. Starting today, they'll offer their musings every other week in a new NoDef column. For their opening salvo, the didactic duo zooms out for thoughts about calling the Crescent City home.

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