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Defender Picks


A Feel For Fringe: Loop's End, They Don't Eat Corn Here, City of Songs & More

The Fringe Fest kept rolling on Friday (11.22) night. Of course, NoDef's team of critics was on hand to check out the theatrical offerings. In this edition of Fringe reviews, we check out Loop's End, Violence of the Lambs, They Don't Eat Corn Here, A Beaver Licous Family Affair, City of Songs, and Pussy Panic.

The Sunday Critic: Sarge, Enter Your Sleep, A Nudist's Wedding

Besides the opportunity to be windy and wordy, the main advantage of keeping my amateur status as a critic rather than going pro (i.e being paid) is that I am not obligated to the scene as a whole. I get to what I get to. I’ve taken a pass on many shows. Sometimes, there's a conflict, other times shows are just not ready for a review, and sometimes words just don't do justice to a work.

Fringe Singes

Reviews: Palindrome, Baghdad Puppies, Montana, Now and At the Hour, & More

The second night of Fringe bought a fresh round of premiers. NoDef was there to catch all the action and deliver a fresh round of reviews as well. Palindrome, Baghdad Puppies, Montana, Now and at the Hour, The Wake, and Professor Nakamoto's Nexus of Numbers are all tackled in this installation.

Encore! Marigny Opera Reopens Doors

The show must go on! The Marigny Opera House is once again open for (show) business and the Fringe Festival will be holding their regularly scheduled performances in the venue all weekend. The popular downtown venue made headlines last week when it hosted Solange Knowles’ wedding and then made the front page again on Wednesday (11.19) when the venue was briefly shuttered.

Fringe Flings: Cajun Face, Bullet, Exquisite Mistake, Myrtles, & More

The Fringe Festival kicked off on Wednesday (11.20) night. NoDef’s squad of writers was out on the scene to report back on the offerings. Reviews of Cajun Face, Bullet, Exquisite Mistake, It’s…The Myrtle Family Show, and The Cherry Jaxxxson Webcam Show follow.

Fringe Begins

NoDef's Theatre Critic Does Opening Night: Cicada, The Other Mozart, Boesman and Lena

Two or three years ago, I grew disgruntled with the New Orleans Fringe Festival. Except for any absolute obligation shows, I started avoiding it in its entirety. Sheer size had not made the fest a “victim of its own success.” There’d been no noticeable decline in the quality of its slate. Rather I believed that the rest of the New Orleans scene had fallen victim to it. It’s all in the timing: Whereas in most cities a fringe fest invigorates the off-season, the theatrical dead zone, ours had set up camp in the middle of prime time – in a town where workable periods for full-run shows is already severely limited by the major holidays – then grown so huge as to suck all the air out of the room. 

City Shutters Marigny Opera House Hours Before Fringe

Developing Story. NoDef will update as details emerge.

On Wednesday (11.19,) the New Orleans Fringe Festival opened, featuring performances in 39 venues. However, the program called for performances in 40 venues. The missing theater was the result of an injunction from the City of New Orleans served to the Marigny Opera House. Although, the downtown church-turned-theater was in the national spotlight for hosting Solange Knowles’ wedding on Saturday (11.15,) permitting issues now prohibit usage for the local festival.

Today in NOLA: 11.20.14

Counter culture enthusiasts and nighttime revelers buzzed around the St. Claude Street, Marigny and Bywater locales last night for the onset of Fringe Festival, which continues reeling around town until Nov 23. Follow the signs to the Purification Plant for the Myrtle Family Show, hosted by the Mudlark Theatre, which is using the warehouse as a makeshift theatre since the Mudlark was damaged in a fire on Sept 12. Dr. Dog lets loose on Tulane’s campus, and A Live One cover Phish at the Howlin’ Wolf. On this day in 1922, Governor John Milliken Parker met with President Warren G. Harding to discuss KKK violence in the state.

Tips to Act On at Fringe Fest

Today, the annual Fringe Festival begins. Theatre lovers can choose between over 80 shows in dozens of venues. Genres ranging from hard drama to interpretive dance are represented. However, amidst an event that prides itself on sensory overload, it can be easy to get lost. To ease the process, NoDef offers a few quick tips for drama debutantes and veterans alike.

Today in Nola 11.19.14

Curtains open on the New Orleans Fringe Festival today bringing an extensive array of offbeat theatre to the city for your picking. Tonight at the Joy Theatre, the Suicide Girls reawaken their Burlesque after a five-year hiatus. Treme Brass Band brightens the Candlelight Lounge with their brass sounds and Walter “Wolfman” Washington brings it home at d.b.a. Back on this day in 2006, Drew Brees was setting the sixth highest throwing yard record of 510 yards during a loss to the Bengals at the Dome.

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