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Defender Picks


Get Thee to a Nunnery

The Divine Sister: A Review

Deadpan monologues about massive penises, triplets who water torture, nefarious monks brandishing revolvers in catacombs, dark tales of faith shaking sea voyages and babies born out of wedlock. Throw in a song or two, and it is all just another day at St. Veronica's Catholic Church and Parochial School in 1964.

Interrogative Scenes

Facing the Stage: An Editorial

NoDef's drama scribes discuss the state of New Orleans theatre, the rapidly evolving scene's prospects for further national recognition and consider the purpose of the form in this town.

Views From the Fringe

NoDef Reviews Opening Night Fringe Fest Shows

Spanning neighborhoods and genres, Fringe kicked off with a KABLAM! Wednesday night. As the action reached fever pitch, NoDef's crack team of stage savants was out among the crowds, taking in all the marionettes, reworked slave narratives, shadow puppets and Mr. T appearances that were thrown at them. Looking to get in on the fun that lurks in the 70 performances, but don't know where to start? Start with the following reviews.

The I of the Beholder

NOLA Project's Art Reviewed

The original idea was groovy when announced; it still feels groovy now. Take a young theatre company with a proven track record, give them residence at City Park, and then unleash them across the public space to create performance as they see fit. That is exactly what The New Orleans Museum of Art has done with The NOLA Project

"Blackbird" Flies

A NoDef Theatre Review

Where do you go from rock bottom? That's the question asked by “Blackbird,” a new production of the Adam Rapp play directed by Laura Hope. As a character study of Baylis, a Gulf War veteran and failed writer, and Froggy, an ex-stripper and heroin addict, “Blackbird” reminds us that suffering is, at its core, unromantic and full of indignity, and that desire for redemption is not enough to save us from our choices.

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