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Defender Picks


State of Play: 5.06-5.11

Compiled by Michael Martin

Jazz Fest is over. A crop of new productions are taking the stage this week. Plus, there's much more to come throughout May and into June. Theatre's last big push until fall is gearing up right now.

State of Play: Theatre Listings 4.22– 4.29

Compiled by Michael Martin

With the onset of Jazz Fest, the spring theatre season has slowed down a bit. Yet, there are still performances to be had. At the universities, tis' the time for student projects. A master puppeteer is in town and Tennessee Williams is still on the docket at Anthony Bean. Click through for full listings.

Southern Rep's Sausage Party

BOUDIN: The New Orleans Music Project

I did not set out to opening night to write a review of BOUDIN: The New Orleans Music Project at Southern Rep. I took no notes during the performance or when I got home last night, and thoughtlessly left my program on my seat in my hurry to get to the bathroom after the show. I went to the show out of a certain pride of ownership, having submitted and had accepted into their online collection an old Wet Bank Guide piece on the project’s theme of How New Orleans Music Saved My Life.

State of Play: Theatre Listings 4.16– 4.20

Compiled by Michael Martin

The spring season is winding down, but there still is plenty to see. Tennessee Williams continues to enjoy a local resurgence. Southern Rep is rolling out their much hyped multi-disciplinary Boudin project. For full listings of theatre in teh area, click on through.

The Sunday Critic

If You Breathe, It Breaks
: The Glass Menagerie at ABCT

Gwendolyne Foxworth’s portrayal of Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie alone makes the ABTC production worth your time…at least if you haven’t visited Tennessee Williams’ game-changing memory play for awhile, or ever. (Even then, I assume no plot summary is necessary. This is one of those perennials that every theater lover “knows” even if they don’t know it.)

Southern Rep Releases 2015-2016 Schedule

Southern Rep still does not have a permanent home, but the local theatre company is rolling out lots of work. The group just announced their 2015-2016 schedule. Plays will tackle art versus reality, a Shreveport murder, masculinity framed by football, and a Tennessee Williams classic.

The Sunday Critic

Theatre Reviews: Two for Tennessee, Dinner With Friends

“If not for infidelity the lives of the middle class would have no drama at all,” said some famous writer whose name escapes me. One of the most divisive recent plays to address the repercussions of unfaithfulness, Donald Margulies’ 2000 Pulitzer winner Dinner with Friends, is running at the reinvigorated Le Petit in a semi-revival. (The director, René J.F. Piazza, and half of his four-person cast have been here twice before.) Respected theatre pundits dismiss Margulies’ drama as “upper-class white people’s problems,” but I’m a fan.

State of Play: Theatre Listings 4.02– 4.13

Compiled by Michael Martin

The Tennessee Williams Festival is over, but local theatres are continuing to stage works by the City's favorite playwright. Plus, a couple of shows salute Eartha Kitt and Patsy Cline. For all the happenings on stage this week, click on through.

The Sunday Critic

The Tender Trap

An easily abused theatrical device – having an actor or actors perform in silence during the pre-show – is enjoying resurgence. If you want to give it a try, let me recommend casting Jen Pagan. In Christopher Bentivegna’s staging of Rudy San Miguel’s new Human Resources, Pagan logs at least 15 minutes at her desk on Playhouse NOLA’s postage-stamp stage while the audience assembles (no lobby) before the play proper begins: signing and filing documents, making marginal notes, brewing coffee.

Depression Impression

Cripple Creek Introduces New Series Exploring WPA

Over the next few months, NoDef will partner with Cripple Creek Theatre to feature a series of articles about the history and legacy of the WPA in New Orleans. CCT cofounder introduces the project.

Cripple Creek Theatre Company’s Civilian Theatre Project intends to integrate theatre into the civic fabric of our city by exploring the works and legacy of the Federal Theatre Project. During the Great Depression, the federal government set about putting a large swath of Americans to work for the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The Federal Theatre Project was the WPA’s attempt to put over 15,000 theatrical professionals to work plying their trade.

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