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Defender Picks


Head Bugs

Review: Tracy Letts' Bug at AllWays

Ian Hoch is the closest to a chameleon that NOLA’s acting scene has to offer. Although I’ve seen his stage work several times, there’s usually an “Is that Ian?” moment upon his first entrance. Whatever alchemy allows him to shapeshift from handsome to goofy, childlike to malevolent, his elusiveness is essential to the power of Tracy Letts’ paranoid love story, Bug, now in its local premiere at the AllWays Theatre.

A Mid-Summer's Night Scene

Reviews: The Dying City, The Human Buffet, Behind My Enemy's Eyes

With NOLA's major producers stilling their big guns until autumn and nearly everybody financially able skedaddled out of town, summer is the humid season of works-in-progress, festivals and, especially, vanity productions, (No disrespect intended: over a third of my résumé, including some of the highlights, is of shows created by or featuring me, for which I picked up the tab.)

Suprise Me a Lot

Promethean Theatre Company’s Marry Me a Little, at Mid-City Theater

The Promethean Theatre Company has moved the setting of Stephen Sondheim's seminal Marry Me a Little to New Orleans from New York.  The last performance of Marry Me a Little is tonight at the Mid City Theatre at 9:00 p.m. NOLA Defender reviewer Michael Martin shares his take on this adaptation of this classic work.

Carver Comeback

Tremé Theater Aims for Jazz Day Reopening

CBD theatres are coming back to life in spades, but the rebirth of the city's historic performance spaces isn't limited to the center of town. Over in Tremé, the marquee is once again lit at the Carver Theater. 

Today in New Orleans 11.2.13

Halloween weekend ain't over yet, with Nine Inch Nails at Voodoo, a funk fest, Mannie Fresh and Rebirth, and a host of local plays. On this day in 1763, France gave Louisiana to Spain. Now, more to do from City Park's festival grounds, to the St. Claude Truck Farm, to the Warehouse District. 

Fringe's Final Lap

More Drama Reviews to Guide You Through the New Orleans Fringe Fest's Last Day

Updated 11.20, 5 p.m.

Careful not to blink, or Fringe might be gone. Last night, NoDef reviewers got site-specific, spoken-to and self-reflective. Check out these reviews to see how it all shook out:

Queen of Heartstrings

Rising NYC Star Rings in Fringe Fest 2K10

MARIGNY - The bass thumped from the loudspeakers, and Chris Isaak’s voice growled about “Bad Bad Things." The stage was illuminated by red lighting. Already, the ladies of Storyville might have been impressed.

"Blackbird" Flies

A NoDef Theatre Review

Where do you go from rock bottom? That's the question asked by “Blackbird,” a new production of the Adam Rapp play directed by Laura Hope. As a character study of Baylis, a Gulf War veteran and failed writer, and Froggy, an ex-stripper and heroin addict, “Blackbird” reminds us that suffering is, at its core, unromantic and full of indignity, and that desire for redemption is not enough to save us from our choices.

A Paper Paradise for Mr. Fox

Beginning April 1st at the Contemporary Arts Center, Roald Dahl’s imaginative story, Fantastic Mr. Fox, comes to life in the form of a puppet show created by the local production team Hi-Yah!. Unlike most theater, taking place on a stage with the audinece seated, this one invites the viewers to travel through a maze of intricately designed sets. Chris Herbeck met with one the artists, René Duffouc, to discuss the scope of the project and what the audience can expect.  

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