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Defender Picks


Tennessee in Texas

Review: Art Klub & Southern Rep's 'The Night of the Iguana'

Refuge can be found at the bottom of a bottle, the end of a paintbrush, or at a hotel in rural Mexico; redemption usually takes rage, laughs, and the kindness of others. Tennessee Williams' Night of the Iguana provides a thoroughly heart-wrenching and entertaining, if at times confusing, exploration of these two themes.

An Outopia for Pigeons

Review: Absurdist, Multi-Media Performance is 'Quirky & Frisky'

This weekend at the Shadowbox Theatre, something very odd happened for the second time in history: the passenger pigeon became extinct -- but only after a conversation with a sperm whale, a Puritan minister, and a lusty gourmand. 

Play and Thespian Rights

Theater Review: Chesapeake

Philip Yiannopoulos heads to St. Claude for Chesapeake, a one-man show of dogs, art and many other surprises.

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