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The Sunday Critic

Theatre Reviews: Two for Tennessee, Dinner With Friends

“If not for infidelity the lives of the middle class would have no drama at all,” said some famous writer whose name escapes me. One of the most divisive recent plays to address the repercussions of unfaithfulness, Donald Margulies’ 2000 Pulitzer winner Dinner with Friends, is running at the reinvigorated Le Petit in a semi-revival. (The director, René J.F. Piazza, and half of his four-person cast have been here twice before.) Respected theatre pundits dismiss Margulies’ drama as “upper-class white people’s problems,” but I’m a fan.

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Renard Boissiere, Evan Z.E. Hammond, Naimonu James, Wilson Koewing, J.A. Lloyd, Nina Luckman, Dead Huey Long, Alexis Manrodt, Joseph Santiago, Andrew Smith, Cynthia Via, Austin Yde


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