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Defender Picks


Palin Swaps Sides and Teas Up for Cassidy

Local and National conservatives spent the better part of the last year campaigning against Representative Bill Cassidy. However, politics is the profession that popularized the term “flip-flop,” and changes are not uncommon. Few were surprised when Cassidy staged a Saturday (11.15) rally with tea partiers Sarah Palin, Phil Robertson, and Colonel Rob Maness.

LA Congressman Announces Last Term, Cites Partisan Politics

As local politicans gear up for 2014 campaign races, one potential GOP candidate is handing over his invitation to the tea party. Congressman Rodney Alexander (R-Jackson Parish) is packing up his bags after six terms in the Louisiana House of Representatives. Alexander announced today that he will not be running for a seventh term. Alexander issued a statement on his decision, citing partisan infighting and bottlenecks.

The Third Degree

GOP's Landry, Boustany Lock Horns for Single Cajun Country Seat in Congress

In Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District, two Republican incumbents - one Tea Partier and one Grand Old Partier - are squaring off in a winner-take-all battle for to represent Cajun Country in Washington.

Tea Time

Talking FreedomWorks

During the locally-staged, nationally watched Republican Leadership Conference, Michael T. Martin sat down with David Spielman, a member of one of the most influential organizations in the Tea Party faction.

Timely Words

Updated 4:15 p.m.

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head today outside a Safeway in Tuscon, Ariz. The story seems destined to blow up into a partisan firestorm, as the Democrat is already being linked to tea party political hit-lists (literally), before we can even get clear word about whether or not she is alive. So, at this hour, it's worth taking a second to read something she wrote back in 2005, after another national tragedy occurred. Giffords went to Houston to help people displaced by K. In a blog for her campaign website, she recounted the unthinkable size and weight of the devastation on the people moving throughdisaster relief lines. To close, she wrote, "But we can and should learn from their experiences when sifting through the evidence of what went wrong." Sounds simple enough, right?

Modern Day Diaspora

Marigny Musings

     Since it now appears that there are no longer any issues which are deemed to be too parochial for federal congressional elections, it's time for out of state federal congressional candidates to weigh in on true New Orleanian issues.

Marigny Musings

God Is A Republican

     Yep, the secret is out.  All you heathen Democrats, Independents, Socialists, and all other third partiers better repent and switch affiliations to save your souls, for God is a Republican and anyone not voting the party line is sure to have cast their after-life to hell.

Tea Bagging

Marigny Musings

     No, not the sexual practice (go view John Waters’ opus “Pecker” in case you need to be educated), or the fine makers of Luzianne but the political party that has placed itself somewhere to the extreme right of Joe McCarthy (Come on now, am I that damn old?)  With all due respect to the Fab Four, folks there’s a revolution occurring, and too many of us are willing to watch the kettle boil instead of dousing the flame.

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