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Brawl Monitor

Hutson Responds to OIG Attack

Alan Moore is smiling somewhere. His question, “Who watches the watchmen?” provides a quick summary of the most recent question in New Orleans government. On Tuesday (9.29), New Orleans Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux publicly released an intense letter demanding that the Ethics Review Board fire Independent Police Monitor Susan Hutson for "ethical misconduct and unprofessional conduct.” At 11p.m. on Wednesday (9.30) night, Hutson fired back with a letter of her own.

NOPD to Track Cop Complaints

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas has touted new crimefighting measures that will help his department better track the bad guys, but with the recent DOJ report that says the cops have run afoul with zero supervision for years, how will they keep track of the police? Apparently, they'll plug them into the old computer. Today, police officials unveiled a new databse that will keep track of internal investigations of police misconduct from start to finish. Paid for by the New Orleans Inspector General, the systeml even alert officials of the Department's Public Integrity Bureau when there's a troubled cop. You've got profiling!

Force-ing the Issues?

Behind the Feds' NOPD Report with New Orleans' Indepedent Police Monitor

Upon release of the scathing U.S. Department of Justice report on the widespread faults of the New Orleans Police Department, Mayor Mitch Landrieu commented that no one in the room seemed shocked.

The Takeover

Feds Gun for NOPD


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