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Defender Picks


Mardi Gras Weather Outlook

There is only one reason to turn on a television during Lundi Gras: the weather report. However, there is no reason to mess with middling meteorologists. Straight form the National Weather Service (NWS), NODef brings you the outlook for the big day. (And, that outlook is looking good!)

Spring Ahead

It’s that time of the year again. Early on Sunday (3.07) morning, Daylight Savings Time (DST) begins. That means that the sun comes out a little later, but the rays linger later in the evening. The change officially goes into effect at 2:00a.m. and the longer days will last until November 1.

Weekly Weather & Tropical Outlook: 10.11-10.12

By Patrick J. Pearson

This weekend, summer returns for a couple of days. Highs in the 80's are expected both Saturday and Sunday. 20 percent chances of the usual late afternoon showers or a thunderstorms are in the mix as well. The change comes Monday with showers, some heavy at times starting during the day and continuing into evening. Then cooler fall temps can be expected for the week ahead.

Weekly Weather & Tropical Outlook: 10.06.-10.11

Fall continues to mark her ground. The forecast will be rather quiet this as the middle level ridge builds across much of the Gulf. Tonight, the cold front backs over us as a warm front bringing a slight chance of showers. High emps will stay in the low to mid 80's through Friday with overnight lows in round 70F.

NOLA Weekend Weather:

By Patrick J. Pearson

The next few ddays will feature a typical summertime pattern with afternoon rain chances 20-30 percent. This is a good weekend to make sure your Hurricane Preps and supplies are in order as we will be moving into the meat of the Hurricane Season. What you do now, will keep you ahead of the game when and If a threat develops.

Sunscreen Synopsis

New Orleanians are given to vice and risk-taking, and too often we take the same approach to our skin. If proper sun protection isn’t at the top of your mind this barbecue season, remember that a white cotton t-shirt provides an SPF of only 7. Good sunscreen is the best defense against sunburn, skin cancer and premature skin aging. Ahead, NoDef gets superficial with some educated sunscreen choices to save you agony and aloe gel.

American Meteorological Society Meeting Gets a Charge Out of Sun's Eruption

This week, talking about the weather in New Orleans goes further than the usual conversation placeholding and anxiety. The American Meteorological Society's national convention is in town, marveling at the latest technology that helps the weatherman knows which way the wind blows. Apparently, this gathering of people seeking to figure out the sun's moves hath made our star very angry. As the Nash Roberts wannabes were gathering, a huge eruption burst forth from a sunspot, and some the radiation particles are heading straight for us!

True Blood: Ep 7 LiveBlog

When we last left Renard parish, Eric and Jess almost died (er lived then died again,) but they didn't. There was a bunch of feeding and sex. Then, all the personalities involved attempted reconciliation with the witches, but that turned ugly. The cliffhanger moment came when Sookie was injured, plus the witches used silver to capture Vampire Eric. And, here we go again...

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