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Defender Picks


Promotin’ the General Welfare

Summertime Blues

There is a point at which the brain shuts down upon hearing news of another murder, gunshot victim, kidnapping, carjacking, or drug overdose. It is necessary to block out the madness, the sadness, the grim prospects that stand in opposition to those principles which comprise the “good life” we cherish thanks to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Tip's Releases Foundation Free Friday Schedule

Not all free, summer concert series are outdoors. Just in time for air conditioning months, the legendary Tipitina’s dropped the schedule for their Foundation Free Fridays. And, locals will have plenty of live music to listen to from June to September.

Crime Bits: Mischief Night Edition

On Mischief Night (10.30), the boys in blue were forced to respond to several cases of vandalism, but not very much hard crime. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) released Friday’s Major Offense Log (MOL) and there were only three serious offenses logged on the busy night. Mind you, they were Armed Robbery, Aggravated Rape, and Carjacking.

Women Wanted for Wally World Wrongs

Wally World has undergone a local drop in popularity since the halcyon days of Mr. Ghetto’s 2011 hit. Now, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) are searching for two women accused of putting money in their pockets instead of groceries in their basket.

Chilling Effects (Cocktail Recipes)

A few minutes in the sauna that is all of NOLA outdoors right now will confirm that summer has officially begun. The best way to beat the heat is lots of water, but a refreshing adult beverage is also pretty helpful. NoDef’s friends at Emeril’s were kind enough to share a few of their favorite cocktails for y’all to test out at home. Click on through for recipes.

Wednesdays On The Point Schedule Reveal

Right after Wednesday at the Square wraps their spring season, the good people of Algiers take over the slot. Today, the schedule for Wednesdays on the Point was released. Jon Cleary, Rebirth and Bonerama are just a few of the names on the roster.

NORDC Offers Feast of Fests

This summer, the City is inviting locals out for some good clean family fun at the upcoming community family festivals at Taylor, St. Roch and Norwood Thompson Parks this month. The fests are hosted by Fit NOLA Parks and the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC), and will feature the staples of free food, music, games and prizes.

Hola Nola: Vol. XIV

Summer 'Outta Town' Lineup


Hola Nola- Summer is a creepin', and there are some cool acts breaking through the Nola humidity. Usually the summer's lineup's as slow as bourbon pedestrian traffic, but this past week all the way through the August intensity washes up some out of towners to refresh the crowd from everyday local sounds in every day local heat. Most of these acts call for heavy dancing in close proximity, so sweat rags (my favorite/go-to summer accessory) are highly recommended.  

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