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Defender Picks


Today in NOLA: 8.22.14

The New Movement begins a three-weekend residency at the Shadowbox with a performance from sketch comedy group Stupid Time Machine. NOMA wraps up its Murals on Screen film series with another Mexican classic, as well as an appearance from artist Jim Richard. And consult your doctor if your sex drama lasts longer than four hours: Indywood begins screening Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac Volume 1. More details and events for Friday night:

Hell Yes! We Can

Comedy Fest Puts the Spotlight on Growing - and Hopefully Staying - Local Comedy Scene

There are many ongoing wars for the soul of New Orleans. On the streets alone, there is the battle to stop the violence, save the music, keep traditions alive and make driving less moonlike. But the pavement is not the only place where such campaingns are being waged.

Today's Events: August 30, 2011

August 30 is Kingfish Day. Happy Birthday to Dead Huey Long, who would've been speaking up for the people at age 118. Also on this date, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway opened in 1956, putting St. Tammany squarely in New Orleans' orbit. Less ithe founding of Houston (1836),  the confirmation of Thurgood Marshall as the first African American U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1967), the release of Dylan's 'Highway 61 Revisited' (1965), and the CBS premier of 'The Late Show with David Letterman' (1993). Now go live like the king that every man is with these happenings:

Today's Events: 8.2.11

August 2, when the Declaration of Independence was signed (1776), when the first US Census was conducted (1790), when the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 is passed, outlawing pot in America (1937),when Mattel recalled nearly a million Chinese-made toys from its Fisher-Price division that were found to have excessive amounts of lead (2007). It's the birthday of James Baldwin (1924), and Kevin Smith (1970), and the last day of 1859Horace Mann (1859), Alexander Graham Bell (1922), Fritz Lang (1976) and Raymond Carver (1988). 

Today's Events: 6.7.11

June 7, when Louis XIV is crowned King of France (1654), when the first “dime novel” is published in the U.S. (1860), when General B. Butler ordered William Mumford to be hanged for removing and destroying the U.S. flag on display over the New Orleans Mint (1862), when Jefferson Davis’ home was burnt during the Battle of Milliken’s Bend (1863), when Homer Plessy was arrested for refusing to leave his seat in the ‘white’ train car (1892), Prince’s birthday (1958), Henry Miller’s death (1980), Flag Day in Peru, and Journalist Day in Argentina. Speaking of Journalism, here are the 'doings' we've dug up:

Today's Events: 5.31.11

May 31, when the New Orleans Mint closed (1861), when John Harvey Kellogg patented "flaked cereal" (1894), the first NAACP conference (1909), the release of the first jazz record, Dark Town Strutters Ball (1917), when the Supreme Court ordered school integration "with all deliberate speed" (1955), when the Saints sold for $70,204,000 (1985), when Walt Whitman (1819) and Clint Eastwood (1930) were born, and when WWII icon Rosie Will Monroe, aka Rosie the Riveter, died (1997). Quite the laudable list, to say the least…lest us not let down:

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