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Defender Picks


All the Fray

The Story Behind LBJ's NOLA Civil Rights Speech

HBO premiered “All the Way,” a small screen adaptation of Robert Schenkkan’s TONY award winning play about the early years of LBJ’s presidency and the cicil rights movement. The critically acclaimed film featured proud New Orleans native Anthony Mackie as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but the NOLA connections go back some 50 plus years. At the center of the work is a speech delivered by the POTUS in an attempt to curb the Dixiecrat faction.

The Good Husband

by Christopher Romaguera

Ahead of Saturday's (3.05) Louisiana primary, Bill Clinton held a rally in support of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign at the Ashé Powerhouse Theater (1731 Baronne Street.) Clinton, who spoke in Baton Rouge on Thursday, kept the rally focused on what Hillary Clinton brings to the table, straying away from mentioning fellow Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders, or any of the Republican candidates, by name. 

Trump Marred

Donald Trump is coming to town tomorrow and the crowds are expected to be yuge. However, not all of the locals heading to the rally are fans of the GOP frontrunner. A rally titled, “Trumpets Trump Drumpf” is planned to protest against the candidate.

Trump Swings in the Red Stick

The antiestablishment refrains were there also. “Politicians are all talk and no actions. These politicians — the blood suckers, I call them the blood suckers — we’ve got to get rid of them.”

Bel Edwards Era Begins

"There is seriously a lot of work ahead of us!"

Bobby Jindal is no longer the governor of Louisiana. On Monday (1.11), John Bel Edwards was sworn in by Chief Justice Bernette Johnson as the Pelican’s State’s latest governor in a ceremony on the steps of the state Capitol. An uplifiting speech calling for unity and change then followed.

Les Mess Spurs Conflicting Reports

Les Miles has never been easy to understand. Deciphering the meaning of the Mad Hatter’s press conferences pressers and quips has been a nearly academic pursuit spurring different schools and factions. So, it is no surprise that experts are split on his latest comments. Miles may have announced his departure from LSU today… then again, he might not have.

Trump Card: Bobby J Rants About The Donald

Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign is a mere blip on the polls. So, in a time honored political tradition, Candidate J is attacking the man at the top of the polls. Jindal used the entirety of a morning speech at the National Press Club to attack Donald Trump who he describes as a “dangerous” “egomaniac.”

K10: POTUS Edition

Obama Marks Katrina Anniversary (Video)

Wednesday (8.27) was a beautiful New Orleans day, perfect for a presidential visit. President Barack Obama spoke at the recently opened Andrew P. Sanchez Community Center (1616 Caffin Avenue) in the Lower 9th Ward. The POTUS touched on government failure, income inequality, and lots about the Recovery.

Jindal to Clinton: Get Jailhouse Advice from Martha Stewart

Bobby Jindal’s stump speech has been pretty rote for the past year. Da Gov’ has stuck to a series of talking points about finding religion, his immigrant parents and the American Dream, and of course, the perils of “hyphenated Americans.” However, on Tuesday (8.11), Candidate J rolled out a new element: Hilary’s emails.

He Dat! Cerveris Takes TONY, Gives Props to NOLA

NOLA received a shoutout at the TONY Awards on Sunday (6.07) night. After winning the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical category, New Orleanian Michael Cerveris opened his speech with a nod to the Crescent City.

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