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Defender Picks


Cuddle Krewe

Cute and cuddly is cool, except when it’s not throughs out. With Easter coming, the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (La-SPCA) is cautioning New Orleanians about ill planned pet rabbit adoptions. Fortunately, the agency also is providing an alternative: puppy loans.

LA-SPCA: Let Your Dog Celebrate Barkus Not NYE

Rule number one of fireworks is “Don’t blow your fingers off like a certain NFL player.” The second standard is that your pets do not like pyrotechnic displays. Dogs and cats have far better hearing than humans and those airborne booms do not go over well with them. The Louisiana Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (L-SPCA) has issued a reminder that dogs are frightened by fireworks and often run away on the Fourth as well as some pointers to keep Rex happy.

City Park Beer Fest Draws Canadians, Dogs

by Emma Boyce

Get off the couch and away from those sappy Sarah McLachlan commercials because this Saturday from noon to five City Park goes to the dogs!  For a third time, Bulldog partners with the LA/SPCA for their annual New Orleans on Tap Beer Festival and Fundraiser at the Big Lake Boathouse, featuring more than 200 brews.  

Today in New Orleans: 5.27.12

Today, drink for dogs, honor our Vietnam veterans, Greek out one last night, get your mind blown by the brass of MainLine, or if you’re feeling afternoon blues, go to Kajun’s for 3-sets of Little Freddie King, Guitar Lightnin’ Lee and Alabama Slim. On this day in history, Henry Shreve and his men began the creation of Shreveport (1836), and two regiments of former slaves freed by the Emancipation Proclamation made six unsuccessful charges on the Confederate fortifications at Port Hudson, LA (1863). Back to the present:

Stray Strut Shunned

This Christmas, stray animals will not be warming themselves by the SCPA's fireplace. The NPO has announced that they will stop taking strays today. (The SCPA has been doing so for 60 years in Louisiana.) The shifts is a product of city budget cuts which have ended the SCPA's contract for Emergency Animal Services in New Orleans. No Replacement has been found. [VIA]

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