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Defender Picks


Flash Flood Watch in Effect Through Sunday

Tents and umbrellas will be necessary for any tailgate tote this weekend, and we aren't talking about parasols. With a cold front moving in, New Orleans is under flood watch for most of the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Thanksgiving, So.La Style

Dressings, Mirlitons, and More that Set South Louisiana Apart


New Orleanians have a tendency to regionalize everything, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Sure, we gather around a turkey with the whole family, but we distinguish ourselves through our side dishes, marinades, pies, and the stuffing vs. dressing debate. 


Local grocers scramble to prepare their Thanksgiving fare ahead of time, and Rouses Marketing Director Tim Acosta said what makes Louisiana special is their abundance of resources. 


Two Years Since Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Health Problems Persist

Two years ago today, the Deepwater Horizon exploded off the Gulf, setting off the Big Oozy. Even before the gusher was capped, the smells and sights of dispersants flying around South Louisiana made everyone on edge about their health. Well, this week in The Nation, Antonia Juhasz writes that those suspicions weren't unfounded. Still, like withthe oil pollution's effect on the ecosystem, the health impacts can't be understood until more research is conducted. Tomorrow at 3 p.m., Juhasz, the author of a Big Oozy book called Black Tide, will talk about the health of the Gulf Coast at Maple Street Book Shop's New Orleans Healing Center location. It's an Earth Day discussion about one of the largest affronts to the environment in recent history.

Target: Sinkholes

When it comes to potholes in sinking South Louisiana, It's time to call in the big guns. According to the AP, Slidell is set to ring in the New Year with stealth technology originally designed for the military to detect where dirt seeped into sewers, and mete out serious sinkhole threats. The technology was developed at Louisiana Tech. Slidell Mayor Freddie Drennan seems surpisingly willing to allow forces to encroach across his border. Maybe Pakistan could take a diplomacy lesson. Full story here.

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