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Here and Now

Visions of Southern Life and Histories on View at the Ogden

As a small-town hardware store owner in Georgia, Paul Kwilecki was perhaps an unlikely candidate for a fine-art photographer. But as the photographs in One Place demonstrate, Kwilecki's position as an artist is one of extended intimacy with his subject. Also on display this month: paintings by New Orleans artist Rolland Golden. NoDef's Liz Davas visits two current exhibitions at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and looks at how culture, race, and history shape the region's contemporary image of itself.

In Louisiana, $100 Is Worth More Than You Thought

How much is $100 worth? It depends where you live. Nonprofit Washington think tank the Tax Foundation looked at national data and determined that a hundred-dollar bill in Louisiana is worth more like $109 when compared to average costs of living nationwide.

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