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Big Oozy Blues Redux

It’s starting to feel like Spring 2010 in Louisiana. And, not in that positive, Saints-championship-afterglow way. Skimmers have been dispatched to the Gulf. Underwater robots are probing oil leaks. On Friday (5.13), new details continued to emerge about a nearly 90,000 gallon oil spill from a Shell pipeline.

Sheen and Be Sheen

A day after a huge oil sheen was reported south of Grand Isle, nothing has come into clearer focus. The Coast Guard is now classifying the mystery sheen as a mystery substance, but, as ever, the proof may come from what rolled up on the beach. In a statement, the Coast Guard said samples of the stuff creating a large sheen contained "only trace amounts of petroleum hydrocarbons, oil and grease," and was apparently the result of a lot of movement at the mouth of the Mississippi. 

Slick Scuttlebutt Investigated

Could it be? The phantom plume has come to exact revenge? The Coast Guard is investigating reports of a 100-mile oil slick near the site where the Deepwater Horizon went down, Rocky Kirstner with the Natural Resources Defense Council reports. Crews are apparently searching near the site of the Matterhorn well, which is north of the Macondo well site that spawned much environmental agony last year. There's been plenty of oil boo-boos since the Big Oozy, but none were reported to be anywhere near 100 miles in size.

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