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Sinkhole Seer

2000's "On Hostile Ground" Foreshadowed Infrastructure Drama (Sort Of)

You might not know the name Sharon Y. Cobb, but she is a visionary as far New Orleans is concerned. Cobb predicted the city’s current spate of sinkholes 16 years ago in her oft neglected television masterwork “on Hostile Ground.” The masterwork followed the story of a NOLA technocrat and her battle to stop sinkholes from devouring the Crescent City. Perhaps some of it will sound familiar.

Sinkhole de Mayo

The mix of an excuse for a party and public infrastructure failure is distinctly New Orleans. Likewise, the mix of a small joke and big, viral reaction is distinct to our modern web powered society. These world collided on Tuesday (5.03) when a Sinkhole de Mayo party became an instant rage. Then, organizers were faced with the dilemma of managing a joke that became a very real event for over 1000 people.

Event to Mark Three Years Since Sinkhole Devastated Bayou Corne

By Lucy Leonard

On August 3, 2012, the lives of the people living on Bayou Corne changed forever. Deep beneath the feet of the city’s citizens, an underground salt dome cavern, owned by Texas Brine Company, collapsed. The event caused the creation of a dangerous sinkhole, which released oil and gases and sucked sediment, trees and more downward. As the now nearly empty community approaches the three-year anniversary of the disaster, documentary filmmaker and New Orleans resident Victoria Greene is hoping to bring the community back together for closure.

Bayou Corne Sinkhole Turns Two

NoDef Visits the 'Danger Zone'

Photos by Daniel Paschall 

On the second anniversary of the Bayou Corne sinkhole's formation, taking stock of what's still bubbling up.

Sinkhole Swallows More Trees (VIDEO)

With some renewed national interest, the Bayou Corne sinkhole is still hungry. Increased seismic activity at the Assumption Parish site ultimately led to trees being pulled under on the western side over the weekend. Parish officials caught the feeding time on video. 

Sinkhole Swallows Work Pad, More Trees

Assumption Parish’ hungry sinkhole celebrated its first burpday on August 3, and the one-year-old’s appetite continues to grow. The last slough took place on the northern side of the sinker, and it swallowed about 75 percent of the work pad, with some trees for a side. The total area of the meal was approximately 50 ft. by 75 ft.

Sinkhole Turns 1, State Sues Texas Brine

After a year of gassy surprises and the occasional water event, the Assumption Parish sinkhole turns one year old on Saturday. Since the area near Bayou Corne first began to slur, it's grown from five to about 24 acres. With the likes of Erin Brockovich passing by, there's been no shortage of legal eagles soaring into the slurry area, but the state decided to make good on all the promises of legal action and file a lawsuit just in time for the anniversary.

Sinkhole Saga Goes Deeper

The sinkhole saga is only getting deeper into the bayou. According to officials, the floor of the cavern at the bottom of the slurry area near Bayou Corne sunk 152 ft. deeper over the past week. Assumption Parish officials said the cause of the sink is "still unknown."

Texas Brine Begins Sinkhole Settlements

Key actors in the Assumption Parish sinkhole saga are offering compensation to those who were uprooted by the disaster, but some Bayou Corne residents are holding out for negotiations. Texas Brine, LLC caused the burping breach, which has left over 250 people displaced, swallowed trees, and leaked hazardous materials. The company announced Friday that they are beginning to make settlement offers.

Sinkhole Saga: Water Rushes in After Berm Breach

Up in Assumption Parish, the sinkhole is still burping. And now there's leakage to contend with. After heavy rains on Thursday night, a berm around the western side of the disaster site breached, allowing water to fill up the sinkhole in five spots, according to officials.

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