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Defender Picks


Shirt Swindle

One local crime victim had the shirt stolen off of their back—sorta. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) is on the hunt for a suspect accused of stealing several packages of t-shirts from a discount store.

Hennessy Heist Suspect Sought

Tupac rapped, “They wanna know who's my role model? It’s in the brown bottle-Hennessy.” Unfortunately, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) are taking some exception to the late artist’s life-advice. The Five-Oh are searching for a man accused of snatching several bottles of the cognac from a Mid-City drugstore.

Shoplifting to the Maxx

T.J. Maxx advertises their low prices on clothing, but free is the only price that will suffice for some. Alas, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) says that taking apparel without paying for it is actually called, “shoplifting.” The boys in blue are on the search for a 36-year-old who they suspect of stealing from the store.

Pile of Poo: NOPD Hunt Suspected Serial Diaper Thief

Last week, Chief Harrison told locals that there is no serial killer in NOLA. However, today the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) said that there may be a serial diaper thief loose in the Irish Channel.

NOPD Seeks Shoplifting Suspects

You can’t always take it with you. Elliot Hammond allegedly attempted to rob a store on Claiborne, but accidentally left behind his ID card. And on St. Bernard, a trio of midnight marauders robbed the Circle H Meat Market.

Drug Store Derelicts: NOPD Seeks Rite Aid Robber, CVS Liquor Lifter (VIDEO)

by Mary Kilpatrick

Even criminals need to make drug store runs. Over the weekend, one such pharmacy fugitive learned that if you bring a gun, you get to skip the long lines. The New Orleans Police Department is searching for the man involved in the Saturday morning armed robbery at a Garden District Rite Aid. A second suspect who likes to-go drinks for free at a Hollygrove CVS also made the cop's list.

Crescent City Crime Bits

New Orleans Police Blotter: June 13-20

On this week's smorgasboard of scandal, a City Park car burglar returned for another weekend outing, the tourists got to see a real life drug bust on Jackson Square and a rash of gas station robberies are linked to one suspect. Get your weekly rundown of the lowdown in Crescent City Crime Bits:

Crescent City Crime Bits

New Orleans Police Blotter: May 2-9

On this week's docket of dereliction, a group of strip club workers decided they needed more money from another employee's purse, a rental car was used to make a getaway and Ms. Jackson showed she was for real in an argument over laundry. Each week, Crescent City Crime Bits provides a rundown of the lowdown:

Blue Light Special

As the feast digests and the true spirit of the season shows through on Black Friday, the NOPD are reporting a brand new item just in for the holiday season. Two women in search of the best gift deals in town went on down to Magazine Street, and put a foil pouch wrapped in duct tape in their purse. The item enabled them to liberate items from ele Shoes, American Apparel and Franchesca for no money at all. In exchange for their shopping creativity, Ashley Connelly, 22 and Dion Magee, 24, got their wrists in handcuffs. And they thought they beat the rush.

Photos courtesy of NOPD after the jump.

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