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Defender Picks


Big Oozy Blues Redux

It’s starting to feel like Spring 2010 in Louisiana. And, not in that positive, Saints-championship-afterglow way. Skimmers have been dispatched to the Gulf. Underwater robots are probing oil leaks. On Friday (5.13), new details continued to emerge about a nearly 90,000 gallon oil spill from a Shell pipeline.

Shell Backs Off Natural Gas Plant Plans

One of the string of recent economic development deals in the South Louisiana energy sector won't be happening as initially advertised. Shell announced Thursday that they are canceling plans for a gas-to-liquids plant in Ascension Parish, and shutting down all operations related to the facility's development. Plans were first announced for the natural gas production plant in September.

Oil and Trouble

Bucket Brigade's Report Demands Zero Accidents from Oil Industry

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade is calling all concerned residents and whisteblowers to step up to the plate for Oil Industry Accident Awareness Month. 

Levee Authoritiy Seeks Big Money From Big Oil for Wetland Restoration

The shipping canals, pipes and other parts of South Louisiana's oil and gas infrastructure that stretch across the bayous and other wetlands downriver from New Orleans have long contributed to land loss along the coast. Facing down the prospect of less land for flood protection and more stress on levees, the group that oversees levees on the east bank of the Mississippi is going to court to get some of the money and repairs that Big Oil has never been forced to pay.

Exxon-Mobil, Shell Among High Bidders at Gulf Oil Lease Sale

Once again, parts of the Gulf were "SOLD!" on Wednesday. The oil industry crowded into the Dome to bid on drilling tracts out in the Gulf. In all, the latest lease auction netted $1.2 billion in funds for the feds, with a total of 320 tracts of sea in the Central Gulf of Mexico now available for oil and gas exploration and drilling.

BP, Shell Bid High at First Gulf Oil Sale Since Disaster

by Shay Sokol

The feds haven't gotten to the bottom of the Big Oozy yet, but they threw oil companies itching to go back to the bottom of the Gulf a bone yesterday, allowing the black gold miners to bid on new tracts of land for drilling in the same area of the body of water as the Macondo well for the first time since the Deepwater Horizon blew. Centered at the Superdome, the first offshore oil lease sale in the Central Gulf since 2010 brought 56 offshore energy companies to submit 593 bids on 2.4 million acres.

Haven't Sheen You in a Long Time

It's mid-April, and there's been a lot of oil reported about 50 miles offshore in the Gulf. A giant oil company quickly dispatched an underwater robot to look for a possible source. The more things change...This year's Spring Scourge was brought to us by Shell, who reported seeing a sheen but says it isn't from their wells. The slick is ten miles long by 1 mi. wide. The company estimates about 252 gallons of oil, or 6 barrels, leaked so far, and the Coast Guard says there's no word on environmental damage yet. But don't worry, they're sending a big boat. And after all, if you look close enough, all you can se are rraaiinnbows.

Slurp's Up: New Orleans Oyster Festival Hits The River

This Weekend, Oyster Fest is back, for it’s second attempt at educating not only New Orleans (who already well know) but the nation about the many benefits of the Louisiana Gulf Oyster. Their motto isn’t “eat oysters, live longer’, but ‘eat oysters, love longer’- can’t argue with that one.

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