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Defender Picks


Mailbag: Meter Made--FQ Workers Respond to Parking Compromise

Mayor Mitch’s plan to make public parking downtown more expensive was met with outrage from French Quarter service industry types. So, a compromise was offered. In response, three leaders of the opposition, Nick Detrich, Mark Schettler, and Chris Lane penned an open letter calling for more attention to root issues such as public transit.

Hangover Helper

Service Industry Pros Share Their Remedies For The Morning After

New Year’s Eve is night of revelry. Unfortunately, that leads to a rough  New Year’s Day for many. In the interest of easing the collective headaches and nausea set to descend upon the city, NoDef reached out to some experts. Some of the top names in the service industry offered their own personal (scientifically unproven) hangover remedies.

Drinking and the Job

Folklore in New Orleans dictates that the City is run by the hospitality industry. A second piece of street wisdom posits that this town is not stranger to substance abuse. New government data ranks drinking and drug use by profession, and not surprisingly both the service industry and arts & entertainment rank high on the list.

In the Service of the King: Bartender Michael Norris at Grand Pre Talks Preparations

by Ashley Rouen

The world's most decadent party would amount to nothing without the service industry professionals guarding the drinking halls and restaurants lining local city streets. Some servers and bartenders have been doing it for years. Others are just getting started. As part of a running series, NoDef has been asking the people that punch the clock on Fat Tuesday five questions about their experiences. Today, we talk with Grand Pre bartender Michael Norris, who will take on the Carnival crowd for the first time this year. 


In the Service of the King: Spitfire's Nicholas Christian

Carnival involves a lot of work for many locals. Over the next few weeks, NoDef will be interviewing the people that make Mardi Gras what it is. We will ask performers and service industry workers five basic questions about their season. Today, we start with Nicholas Christian of Spitfire Coffee (627 St. Peter Street).

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