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Prof Serpas! Ex-Chief to Teach at Loyola

Ronal Serpas' job hunt was brief. He retired as NOPD Superintendant yesterday. Today, Loyola announced that the former-Chief will be teaching classes in the fall. In a statement issued this morning, Loyola touts the ex-Chief's Ph.D. in criminology as much as his experience running the NOPD, Washington State Patrol, and Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

Bourbon Street Shooting: Suspect in Custody

Police have a suspect in the Bourbon St. shooting in custody. Trung T. "Joe" Le, 20, was apprehended Friday night in Mississippi by NOPD and U.S. Marshals, according to officer Hilal Williams.

Bourbon Street Shooting Caught on Cams (VIDEO)

In the wake of Sunday morning's Bourbon St. shooting, a pair of videos have emerged that NOPD detectives hope will assist in tracking down the suspects. Police released an enhanced video of the mayhem that shows one gunman fire and flee the scene, while footage released by EarthCam shows the incident from the Cat's Meow (701 Bourbon St.)

NOPD: Reported Rapes, Thefts Rose in 2013

Updated 9 p.m.

Alongside the much-trumpeted decrease in murders, New Orleans police reported an increase in reported rapes and property crimes in the Crescent City in 2013, according to statistics released this week. The number of rapes reported to police marked the biggest jump in the annual Uniform Crime Reporting statistics, growing by 29 percent.

Gentilly Triple Murder Suspect Arrested

The father of one of the victims killed in a triple murder last week was arrested for the crime on Wednesday, according to NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas. Shawn Peterson, 41, was arrested about 6:15 p.m., almost a week after first speaking with detectives. about the case.

NOPD Cop Loses Badge Over Bounced Check

A New Orleans cop was fired for dipping below NOPD's moral standards after he bounced a check, and got caught eight years later. Jeremy Wilcox, who worked with the department's Second District, wrote a bad check for more than $2,000 in St. Charles Parish and took his license plate off his truck, the department announced Tuesday.

Birthday Party Murder Suspect Nabbed by NOPD

One of the alleged gunman involved in a quintuple shooting last May, which left a 5-year-old girl and a mother of three dead, and wounded several others, has been arrested, New Orleans police announced Monday. The night of May 29, 2012, 19-year-old Tyron Harden and two other accomplices allegedly shot a spray of bullets toward a birthday party in the 1200 block of Simon Bolivar Avenue.

Feds Crack MMG Gang

Five members of the local gang “MMG” were indicted by a federal grand jury on Friday for selling crack and illegally possessing firearms, U.S. Attorney Dane Boente's office announced Tuesday. The men, who operated the drug ring out of the 7th Ward, were found to have used the guns and distributed the illicit substance, to “further drug trafficking” activity in that area, according to Boente's office.

Backpage Bust: Waco-New Orleans Prostitution Ring Rooted Out in CBD

The NOPD broke up a Texas-based prostitution ring Tuesday after tracking down a woman on the classified website, according to police reports. A man and two women from Waco, Texas, were arrested Wednesday for allegedly bringing three women to New Orleans to work for sex out of a CBD hotel. One man, 23-year-old Eddie Sowells, faces human trafficking charges in connection with the case. 

City Wants Out of NOPD Consent Decree

The City of New Orleans wants to pull out of the federally-mandated reforms that it signed off on for the New Orleans Police Department. Late Thursday, the City filed a motion to vacate the consent decree that laid out a roadmap for hundreds of changes in conduct, procedure and training at the NOPD. The move marks an about-face for Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration, which was a major proponent of the reforms.

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