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Defender Picks


Durst Drama

Controversial con Robert Durst is one step closer to ending his protracted visit to New Orleans. On Wednesday (4.27), the eccentric real estate heir and suspected murderer was sentenced to serve seven years and one month in a federal penitentiary according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Judge Denies Sharper Plea Deal

Apparently, success as a pro athlete does not mean that ten years in prison is sufficient penalty for systematically drugging and raping nine women. On Thursday (2.18), a federal judge rejected disgraced Saint Darren Sharper’s plea deal to resolve multiple rape and drugging cases in four states.

Gang Hang: Member of Central City's Young Melph Mafia Gets 13

While the Quarter cleanup is visible to most with Polaris ATV’s and cherries and berries flashing, there is also another battle against crime being waged in Central City. On Tuesday (4.14), yet another gang member from the neighborhood was sentenced as part of the sweep that followed the shooting death of five-year-old Briana Allen.

Sentencing Day for Allen Gang Members

The days when New Orleanians liked to pretend that the Crescent City did not count gangs amongst their woes are long gone. Yet, the last five years have seen a concerted effort from local and federal officials to clean up the gang problem. On Wednesday (4.08) two members of the Allen Gang received sentences.

Brine Crime: Judge Sentences Breton Sound Platform Polluters

Even corporations must answer to the law. X-Plor Energy SPV-1, Inc. an Oklahoma company based in Texas dumped waste product into the Breton Sound area for two years. On Wednesday (3.05), the company was handed a stiff penalty for polluting the Gulf.

Slammer Time: Aaron Broussard Gets Close to 4 Years in Jail

Former President of Jefferson Parish Aaron Broussard and his ex-wife Karen Parker were sentenced to prison and probation terms in federal court Monday for their involvement in a wire-fraud, bribery and theft scandal that cheated taxpayers out of $328,308. The conspiracy went undetected for over a six-year period, from 2003-2010.

Jindal's Juvenile Justice Reforms

Gov Proposes Juvenile, Drug Sentencing Reforms to Help Lower LA's burgeoning Prison Pop.

Bobby Jindal's tax axe is likely to be the governor's shiniest item of this year's legislative session, but a package of juvenile justice reforms are also set to come to the Baton Rouge block.

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